SKIF St. Lucia Shotokan Week

SKIF St. Lucia Shotokan Week

unnamed-2PRESS RELEASE – Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) -St.Lucia for the 4th consecutive year will be hosted one of the International Instructors out of SKIF – Japan, Sensei Fumitoshi Kanazawa (6th Dan) during the 17th to 21st  November 2016.

The highlight of his visit was to conduct a series of training seminars and serve as chief examiner for the grading exercise.

Sensei Fumitoshi Kanazawa (born 1975) is the youngest son of Soke (Grand Master) Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan. Sensei Kanazawa’s highlighted accomplishments include winner of the 2006 SKIF World Championship (Tokyo / Japan) and has been SKI-Japan Champion 7 times since 2003.

It was a historic and successful event that began with intense series of seminars for the SKIF-St. Lucia instructors on Friday 18th held at Zanshin Karate Dojo. This was followed by morning seminar on Saturday 19th for brown and black belts and a separate seminar for the rest of the Kyu ranks later in the morning held at the St. Joseph’s Convent Auditorium.

The main event for Saturday 18th was the grading exercise held in the later part of the afternoon where all participants were successful in moving onto a higher rank. In addition SKIF-St. Lucia welcomed 3 karatekas to the newly elevated ranks of black belt (Dan) and the profile of 2 out of the 3 founders of SKIF-St. Lucia being elevated to 6th Dan.

76 students from affiliates of SKIF Saint Lucia participated in the exercise.

The results of the examination and grading are as follows:

Eighth Kyu  (YELLOW belt): Arianne Polius, Isaiah Henry, Kaali Donaie, Jeannie Miller, Jada Paul, Seth Francis, R’Sean Mathurin, Navon Joseph, Shaan Cooper, Tyler Venner, Zazi Similien, Deej Phillip, Fabi Phillip, Alyssa Phulgence, Amarla Benjamin, Lyam Pierre, Joshua Marcelle, Iziq Henry, Shadia Longville, Tianna Lewis

Seventh Kyu (ORANGE belt): Sophia Edwards-Gabriel (SKIPPED YELLOW), Anya Whitefield (SKIPPED YELLOW), Electra Marcelle (SKIPPED YELLOW), Shaquain Longville (SKIPPED YELLOW), Gidelle Mason, Breanna Justin, Chance Gabriel, Daniel Myers, Faith Swanson, Ghermain Frank, Terrell Marcion, Terielle Marcion, Quest Gaston, Shae Narcisse, Skyler Adonis, Janae Polius

Sixth Kyu (GREEN belt): Maliyah Henry, Zyan Sanganoo, Lil Sylvest, Ethan Hinds, Tre Phillip, Kio Gaston, Joshua Lorde, Jerrell Volney, Giovanni Francois, Azari Francois, Diedrian Sifflet

Fifth Kyu (BLUE belt): Jabari Gabriel, De Shawn Jn. Baptiste, Malik Lamontagne, Syje’ Valcin, Thai-Reid Joseph, Jarrell St. Omer, Jerne’ Felix, Ignatius Alexander, Bryanna Bernard, Akheya Brown, Kenrick Albert

Fourth Kyu (PURPLE belt): Kyle Jn. Baptiste, Tariq Didier, Joel Bertin, Jannae Leon, Hunter Radmore

Third Kyu (BROWN): Roselima Bertin, Tafari Charles, Nyim Wilkie, Malik Peter, Joshua George, Cianna Dalson

Second Kyu (BROWN): Trevor Bristol

First Kyu (BROWN 1): Petrona Alexander

Shodan (1ST DEGREE BLACK): Keamalyn Charles, Hudson Hutchinson, Ronald Polius

Rokudan (6TH DEGREE BLACK): Ezra Jn. Baptiste, Oliver Lawrence

The visit of Sensei Kanazawa was concluded on Sunday the 20th with a farewell ceremony where the specially invited guest of honours was Mr Jim Xavier (Director of Youth and Sports) who shed light on the positive direction the sport and discipline of karate is going and pledge his on-going support. Sensei Kanazawa expressed his pleasure on visiting St. Lucia for the first time and was pleased with the standard exhibited and looks forward to paying another visit in the near future.

As is customary, the belt ceremony which involves the tying of the new belt by the Chief Instructor and other senior instructors will take place at a later date to be determined. Remaining on the calendar of activities is the Awards and Recognition Ceremony to close off SKIF SAINT Lucia’s 20th Anniversary.

SKIF- St. Lucia extend many thanks to its supporters, parents, well-wishers and karatekas for their work in staging another successful event and look forward toward the next event.


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