Skeptic now a believer after winning over $67,000 in Power Play Jackpot

Skeptic now a believer after winning over $67,000 in Power Play Jackpot
Edward hands check to Sankar-George.
Mary Edward, SNL’s regional marketing manager (left) hands check to Power Play winner, Ashline Sankar-George at a brief ceremony at the SNL’s office in Sunny Acres this morning, June 27.

Once a skeptic but now a believer.

Ashline Sankar-George played Saint Lucia National Lottery (SNL) games only a few times and never quite thought she would win, until now.

She is $67, 600 richer – winning the SNL’s latest Power Play Jackpot.

Sankar-George was presented with her check during a small ceremony at the SNL’s office at the Gablewoods Mall on Friday.

An excited Sankar-George said she is she feels lucky especially since she was not a regular player.

“If I had to count on one hand how many times I have actually played the lotto I would still have fingers left over. So this is exciting. I would say a blessing and luck as well because it’s not everyday somebody wins the lotto. Recently I was telling a friend of mine ‘you know you’re not gonna win the lotto right?'” and here I am standing here today,” she said.

Mary Edward, SNL’s regional marketing manager, in congratulating the new winner, said that her story is one of hope for lottery players.

“I think this is a great story. After this I think Mrs. George is gonna become a solid believer in the lottery because she said on one hand she can count the amount of times she had played the lottery,” Edward said.

Earlier this month, SNL presented its latest Super 6 winner, Jn Baptiste Mathurin of Dennery, with $360,000. He is the second St.. Lucian in recent times to win that draw.


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  1. now i vex e she played less than 5 times and she won and what about me who have played 99 times and counting and there are people who have played more than me...this story melts my spirit.....i guess i will stop playing as often as i do....


    • The last person who won over 300,000 had been playing for many years (when the game in St. Lucia started) and he only won this year. Sometimes when we're close to winning is when we give up. So don't give up.


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