St. Jude Hospital receives new state-of-the-art ambulance

St. Jude Hospital receives new state-of-the-art ambulance

(PRESS RELEASE) — The St. Jude Hospital is expected to provide better emergency medical service in the south of the island following the recent official handover ceremony of an ambulance to the hospital.

Chairman of the St. Jude Hospital Board, Wayne Harrow, says it is hoped that the ambulance will be made good use of and play a significant part in the lives of Saint Lucians.

“The ambulance is high tech: it is fitted with all necessary gadgets to make an appropriate functional machine. It will be used for hospital-to-hospital transfers, hospital-to-homes transfers and assist when necessary with emergency and mass casualty and mass events.”

Officer-in-charge at the St. Jude Hospital, Dr. Sylvester Francois, expressed appreciation and gratitude for the ambulance which will better serve the people in the south of the island.

“An ambulance is a daily need and with this addition to our fleet I am happy that we can respond to the multiple needs that we get; multiple requests for transfers, for home deliveries or taking patients home. It will go a long way to ensure that we provide the quality of service that our clientele, the population has come to expect.”

Emergency Room Specialist at St. Jude Hospital Dr. Patrick Joseph says he is very pleased with the donation of the ambulance as it will contribute to saving people’s lives.

“We are very thankful on behalf of the emergency room and EMS service for the efforts made by the management of the St. Jude Hospital and Board of Directors for providing us with an ambulance that is fully equipped, and we will be using this service to transport patients from hospital to hospital, also partaking in any mass casualty events in the south.”

The St. Jude Hospital Board remains committed to strengthening the medical services provided to the residents in the south of the island.


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  1. State of the srt my a-- Lucians are not that dumb,. Can you explain what this ambulance is equipped with to make it state of the art.


  2. What the HECK is "State of The Art"? Every piece equipment those people get is always state of the art but when you investigate, it is just ordinary. Nothing over the top.


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