Gang-related? Sixty’s death may be linked to August shooting, sources say

Gang-related? Sixty’s death may be linked to August shooting, sources say

IMG-20151102-WA004Several residents from Coolie Town, Marigot and surrounding communities fear that there could be retaliation for the shooting death of 18-year-old Altheus Duplessis.

The teenager, who is from Morne Ciseaux, Jacmel, was reportedly shot execution-style by an unknown assailant in Coolie Town at around 10 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015.

A source said the teen, also known as Sixty, was gambling when he was shot in the back of the head. He fell on his face.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

However, sources in the community told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that they believe Duplessis’s death may be linked to a shooting that occurred in Jacmel in late August.

“The person who was shot in August was shot in his abdomen. He didn’t die. His boss slapped Sixty and two days later somebody shot his boys so he said it was Sixty and his friends who did it,” the source said.

They also pointed out that the dead teen’s father was shot in the wee hours of Saturday morning, last weekend. His father is currently in stable condition.

It is believed that Sunday’s homicide is also related to the father’s shooting.

Police sources have also confirmed that the teen’s father was the victim of a recent shooting.

However, several other persons believe that the teen’s death stemmed from a feud over a stolen bike.


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    • Damn!! ul lucians should might as well solve the case or help the police all ull do is talk talk talk and no action, the only action ull take is when you want to do something bad to someone


  1. St lucia can we finish this year with no more murders? We did it from Jan to March. Let's have a peaceful end to this year. #NoMoreMurders


  2. All these "testimonies" by persons on SNO yet no one can at least anonymously tip off the police? Look some just said the dad plotting revenge. If he succeeds then you'll hear them talk again. All talk No action...they just allowing their community to be over run by criminals and protect these same criminals just to be in the loop of the gossip.


  3. I wonder why isn`t the police doing a better job in handling this crime situation in a small country like st lucia... you hear so many stories and yet still nothing not one damn thing is being done to intercept these crimes.... What is happening have we gone down a path that those young lives and innocent lives don`t matter, most times you never hear those cases get solved. St »Lucia is now at 25 or 26 homicide for the year that`s 2 per month wow who would every think i`d live to see that happening in my lifetime and am not even 40 years old yet..... Sad this brings much sadness to my heart.


  4. Why you'll just eh sit up and say rip when some one die if you'll eh have nun to say snh. Today is his tomorrow is anyone of us all die is die


  5. i just came from the hospital and this guy dad is there and the father is desperate to leave the hospital to take revenge for his son


  6. This is for you "Mad".
    I guess you know his mom and siblings very well for you to make such comment.Now please do not get me wrong.I have no idea what life is like at home for his younger siblings,but what I do know is that they do not roam the streets when they visit there dad,who by the way is not the same as their deceased brother. They may not be 100% of what people expect them to be,but I know for a fact that the last three sibblings are nothing like their brothers. And I say "BROTHERS" because one who is just about 4 years younger than sixty is walking down that very same path that his brother was on.....i can only hope and pray that his brother's death teaches him a lesson and that his family guides him to a better lifestyle.And one thing for sure is that mother,if she us even fit to be called one,needs to step up and show interest and support towards her children.


  7. Wow such a young boy . Again no guidance. His mum has so many children and just allow them to roam the streets doing all sorts of nastiness with themselves. Whislt she is out there partying and making kids. Don't have time to guide them. Poverty causes no one to do such things. There are poor kids who are ambitious and don't stray. Society didn't fail this young man. His parents did. From a very early age he was stealing. Hope his family don't come and sing he is a good boy songs.


    • I hope you listened to HTS news tonight cause a relative had nothing nice to say. Comments included she glad he is gone and she not going to the funeral.
      When it has to reach a level like that, I mean and the young man was just 18 years old, you have to admit it is a sad situation. If his upbringing or lack there of may have contributed to his eventual demise , parents need o take full responsibility.


  8. Once again look at the hand symbol. The baphomet sign. Our youth are too caught up in using some of these signs and symbols and they don't even know their meaning .


    • Lol you blaming peoples stupidity on hand signs and not practical sense, you live by the sword you die by it


      • All you need to put you in the spotlight is one of those Lacoste side bags & a hand sign...Monkey see monkey do,& oh yes a gold chain as well.The youth don't want to follow their own mind,they're following other ppl's trends...Well may be RIP & hope the other smarten up & do something worthwhile with their lives.


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