Six students of Reunion Primary School to compete in Reunion Primary Queen title

Six students of Reunion Primary School to compete in Reunion Primary Queen title

pageantPRESS RELEASE – Six talented students of the Reunion Primary School will be competing for the Reunion Primary Queen title on Sunday the 6th of December.

Teacher, Janice Chitolie-Athill, says the idea to host the pageant came about as a fundraising venture to allow the school to purchase a new gate. She says the entire school body realizes the need to ensure the protection of students, making the gate a necessity. Mrs Athil says the event will also help the young girls to develop holistically.

The pageant will include 5 segments including creative wear and evening wear and the interview segment. For many of the young girls it will be their first time facing a big crowd in such an event. Mrs Athil says everyone is eager to put their talent on display and help contribute to their school.

Athill says the Reunion Primary School is hoping to make the event an annual event fundraiser. She is urging community members to come out and support the girls. The show will take place from 2pm on Sunday 6th December. Tickets cost ten dollars for adults and five dollars for children, and are available at the school and from teachers.


please take note of the information given about each girl.

1. 9 year old Theola Donaie Grade Five student resides in Dacretin Choiseul. She loves dancing and singing. She has represented the school in the District 7 Spelling Bee competition in 2012.

2. Akiya Alfred is a 9 year old Grade Four student. She resides in Reunion Choiseul. Dancing, reading and singing are some of her hobbies. Akiya has represented her school on the cheer-leading team during her school’s sports meet last year.

3. Residing in the community of Darcetin Choiseul is 9 year old Bernella Francois. She is presently a Grade Five student. She loves singing, dancing and reading. Bernella represented the school at the District Spelling Bee Competition. She is also a avid reader both at school and in church. Bernella too represented the school in cheer-leading at last year sports meet.

4. 11 year old Merkisha Evans hails from Reunion, Choiseul. During her leisure time she enjoys reading, singing and dancing. Merkisha is presently a member of the Girl Guides Company at her school. She represented the school at the Intra Primary Sports Competition last year.

5. A very outspoken individual, 9 year old Jerminda Mitchel resides in Debriuel Choiseul. She is in Grade Four and enjoys dancing, singing and reading and playing pan. Jerminda is also a member of the Laborie Steel Pan Group. A very athletic pupil who represented her previous school in a haula hoop competition and road race.

6. Cairre Ann Amata is 8 years old and resides in Caffiere Choiseul. Presently in Grade Three, Cairre Ann loves to read, dance and listening to music. She has represented the school in its Road race and school’s sports meet. Cairre Ann will be participating in the school’s upcoming music festival this month.

for more information feel free to contact the school at 459 – 3206, where you can speak to anyone of the pageant committee members: Miss Cyria Lafeuillee, Miss Thersea Joseph or Mrs. Janice Athill.

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