Six lose Saint Lucia citizenship under CIP

Six lose Saint Lucia citizenship under CIP
CIU CEO Nestor Alfred.
The Saint Lucia Gazette page (left) which features the names of the persons whose citizenship were revoked under the CIP. At right is the CIU CEO, Nestor Alfred.

The St. Lucia Gazette has featured the names of six individuals who have lost their Saint Lucian citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment programme (CIP).

The names of the six individuals – Hamid Sakhidad Barahooei, Sanioura Ali El Sayed, Mariya Barahooei, Taliya Barahooei, Shamel Alabboush and Emad Ahmed Mohsen Alzari – were published on page 65 of the March 26, 2018 edition of the St. Lucia Gazette.

According to the Gazette, an official government document, “this Order may be cited as the Citizenship by Investment (Revocation) Order, 2018” and was made on March 19, 2018.

The individuals had their citizenships revoked because, according to the Gazette, they committed acts which may bring St. Lucia into disrepute.

See the page detailing the revocation below:

Nestor Alfred, who was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Citizenship by Investment Unit effective August 8, 2017, had revealed at a press conference on February 21, 2018 that 259 persons had been granted citizenship/passport under the CIP.

He said: “We have had instances in this programme where we have gotten the all-clear from our law enforcement and we have denied citizenship to those persons, because there may be some relevant information that those persons may have not given to us. For example, were they holders of a second passport? They may not disclose the fact that they are shareholders of six companies. They may not have told us that their spouse was arrested for some criminal matter. On that premise, irrespective whether they have been cleared by law enforcement, we would have denied them citizenship.”

At that time, Alfred also said only a small number of persons were rejected or had their citizenship revoked.

“I don’t have the numbers off my head, but it’s not many. Not many. So it would appear to be quite lucky, in that, the number of applicants that we have gotten are not money launderers, terrorists, financiers. Because the conclusion we [are] getting from our partners, I would say those persons are cleared. So there are not many of those denials. So far, since I have been here, four, yes, we have revoked the citizenship,” he had said.

The Opposition has criticised the government’s CIP programme, but Alfred said Saint Lucia’s CIP vetting process is rigorous.

“Firstly, when one applies for citizenship in this country, we go through a meticulous process of ensuring that the application is in compliance with our policies and our procedures. Secondly, we hire third party due diligence firms and they can be anywhere in the world. We work with the English due diligence firms, Americans or Canadians. And those persons go out as foot soldiers and go and establish who those people are, where do they live, who do they hang out with, who are their associates, where are these companies, are there any bad press on their companies, are there any bad press on their children, their spouse. That information is accumulated and is sent to us,” he had said at the press conference.

Alfred however said the vetting process goes deeper, as other third party firms are hired for civil and criminal proceedings.

“Those firms can only give you information that is contained on worldwide databases, so if this person has been prosecuted, if this person has had a criminal past, maybe one database may give you that information, or blog may give you that information, but in regards whether if that person has been followed on for money laundering, for human trafficking, human smuggling, they can’t give you that information. There is only one person that can give you that information and that is law enforcement.”


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  1. Get into history,just a little.History can be a vaccine which prevents recurrence of a particular event


  2. Don't shoot the messenger, Alfred is a meticulous former Public Servant and unlike any politicians or jobs given to boys or girls with no qualification, under his watch, he will ensure compliance.

    We need to pressure the government to produce the reports from the inception of the CIP programme to inform us who are the new citizens and most important where is the money and how has it been spent.

    Reporters do your job and though neither SLP or UWp likes being questioned, please drill them.


  3. Once citizenship is issued, it should not be able to be revoked so easily. Revocation should only be through parliament, not by an individual. This is both dangerous and counterproductive. why would a foreign investor get this if it can just be taken away at some person discretion. Not progressive at all.


    • You clearly haven't read and properly grasped the procedures involved in the citizenship revocation process. It is not up to ONLY Alfred to make that decision. The action of revocation is taken by the board of the CIU, and obviously includes discussion with the sitting PM. Do you really think it would be wise to simply hand over that decision-making process to parliamentarians/politicians? I certainly don't!


      • It should not be revocable period, by a board, pm or individual. in exceptional circumstances parliament should be able to step in, only in very rear situation. Revocation undermine credibility, confidence legitimacy of the entire program. Once an individual have been granted the citizenship, they now have the rights of a born Lucian. There is no two classes of citizenship. You cannot revoke a born Lucian, and hence the same applies to anyone who have successfully obtained it. Its the same principle applied in the developed countries including the united states. Citizenship cannot be revoked once issued. The only exception is through congress and senate. Hence there have never been a revocation of citizen in the Us.
        This is why the due diligence need to be in depth prior to issuance. Perhaps the board need to review its due diligence process.


    • Kurt, for heavens sake and you little intelligence which you should have “Stop being stupid”. This is a report it didn’t discuss procedure. Are you one of the spin doctors? If yes, you are lousy.


    • You want the Arabs to run an cause havok to our island like they do to Africa and Africans?


  4. The public is supposed to know all of the names of people who became st.lucian citizens through CIP.Why are only told those who are revoked ?


  5. This is frightening. It would seem that due diligence was incomplete when those Citizenships were granted. That's unacceptable!


    • Maybe whatever acts they committed came about after they had been granted citizenship. I guess that's why it was stated that they committed acts which may bring the island into disrepute.


  6. Okay, they we're borbolis (in St. Lucian speak). Look harder and you will find more of them.


  7. There are more to come. CEO but can’t recall a small number. How prepared were and are you ? How much has been collected ? How has it been spent and what is the balance ? What lands will they occupy ? What are their investments ? How many will they employ ? How many live on island ? How many family members have also become citizens ? How many more skeletons are in the closet ? When will it END ?


  8. These revocations were made on 19th. March,Nestor Alfred's statements were made on February 21st. there is no connection, why are they trying to make one?


  9. Six alone. More to come this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until the investor bring his friends I bet they will turn a blind eye.


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