Sir James Mitchell says Caribbean immigration procedures should be reviewed

Sir James Mitchell says Caribbean immigration procedures should be reviewed
Sir James Mitchell signing autographs.
Sir James Mitchell signing autographs.

The current travel procedures among Caribbean nations serve as a source of harassment, according to former Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Sir James Mitchell.

Mitchell, who delivered the feature address at the United Workers Party (UWP) 39th General Convention on Sunday, called for serious changes to be made to these arrangements.

“Why should you, a Saint Lucian, have to fill out a form with 14 questions to come back into Saint Lucia…There are no such forms in Europe,” he stated.

The longest serving SVG prime minister said that the technology that is being utilised by Caribbean nations should be brought into the quality of life of the people.

“We need people with balls to take on the bureaucracy and change it and take away the pens from all the immigration officers,” Mitchell asserted.

As a former Minister of National Security in SVG for 19 years, Mitchell said this procedure does not help the police, but rather when they are searching for someone it most times comes as a tip off.

“When you sell the drugs and the police catch you and squeeze you, you say where you get it from. Then they look for it, not on the form,” Mitchell added.

Mitchell said it is time that Caribbean heads of government unite and help to bring about changes that are necessary to help develop the region.


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  1. Allen Chastanet now has political momentum; hold on to it
    work hard and don't let it go. This is politics and there will
    always be criticism and the non-stop propaganda, expect it
    and don't be rattled. Keep attracting new blood for strength.


  2. I always loved Mitchell's laid back style. He was a 'never ruffled' prime minister. no airs just simple!
    I remember the team Compton, Charles and Mitchell....Daddy, Mummy and Son!


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