Singer Cher calls Trump an “ignorant thug with a lizard brain”

Singer Cher calls Trump an “ignorant thug with a lizard brain”
Cher (right) and Trump
Cher (right) and Trump

(YAHOO NEWS) — No, Cher is not crossing over to Team Trump.

While the president praised a tweet the iconic performer posted about immigration — she questioned how sanctuary city Los Angeles could help immigrants when there are so many residents there already in need — she made her thoughts on Trump clear (as if it wasn’t).

In a follow-up post, she called him an “ignorant thug with a lizard brain” who “guarantees his survival above all else.”

The 72-year-old singer wrote that what the Democrats don’t understand is that while they are “playing politics,” Trump is “playing butcher your enemies” and creating “constant mayhem.”

She posted a second tweet about feeling “misunderstood” over her immigration posts and “wondered how” people “could condemn me after all I’ve said & done in life” and “took care of those in my care.”

The whole drama stemmed from press secretary Sarah Sanders saying over the weekend that the administration is considering a policy of sending migrants to sanctuary cities, where laws prohibit law enforcement officials from working with immigration officials to deport immigrants. Los Angeles became a “city of sanctuary” in February.

Cher’s tweet caught the attention of “Build the Wall” Trump, a frequent target of the singer’s, who tweeted, “I finally agree with” her. Actors James Woods and Scott Baio, who are as outspoken as Cher is on political issues (though with opposing views), also took notice — as did Donald Trump Jr.


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