‘Short-tempered’ Amber Guyger shared posts likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer and memes saying people were ‘ungrateful she didn’t kill them’

‘Short-tempered’ Amber Guyger shared posts likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer and memes saying people were ‘ungrateful she didn’t kill them’
Amber Guyger
Amber Guyger

(DAILY MAIL UK) — The lawyer for the family of the black man shot dead by his white cop neighbor says he believes she is a racist – and said he understands Amber Guyger was sober when she killed Botham Jean.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, S. Lee Merritt said he is no closer to figuring out a definitive motive but believes Guyger has lied repeatedly in her statements to police.

He also rubbished the idea the cop and Jean, 26, had a previous relationship, saying call and text records, as well as interviews with both sets of friends and their differing lifestyles make that impossible.

But he did point to her now-deleted social media presence – noting posts likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer and others that highlighted her short temper and claimed she wears an all-black uniform so that she’s always ready for a funeral.

S. Lee Merritt pointed out memes posted on Pinterest by the 30-year-old Dallas police officer, likening Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protests to cancer (pictured)

‘I can’t come up with a theory that works,’ Merritt told DailyMail.com. ‘I know that the statements she’s offered aren’t true and I know she’s lying because either she did something more sinister or the way she did what she did by accident was so negligent, she felt she had to come up with another story.

‘There’s aspects of her story that just could not have happened and frankly, have changed significantly in less than a week. So I know that she’s not telling the truth, I just don’t know why.’

He told DailyMail.com he had initially assumed she was drunk but said conversations with those who heard what happened contradicted that theory.

Merritt said: ‘That seemed to be the only thing that made any sense and it would almost make Amber less blameworthy if she was drunk because drinking affects your logical reasoning, it affects your ability to proceed, so it would still be tragic and it would still be criminal but it would be at least less blameworthy.

‘However, from everything I’ve been able to find, everyone that I talked to was convinced that she was not under the influence of alcohol at all – that she was sober.’

Although Guyger’s social media accounts have now been deleted, some of the memes she shared have been widely circulated on Instagram – including some questionable items from her Pinterest account

Guyger shot Jean, her upstairs neighbor, on September 6 after, she claimed, mistakenly arriving at his apartment in Dallas’ Southside Flats at 9.59pm.

On Sunday the apartment complex informed residents via email that Guyger had ‘vacated her apartment and no longer resides at our community.’

In a sworn affidavit used as the basis for her arrest warrant, the 30-year-old said she had parked on the wrong floor and made her way to what she believed was her apartment and found the door slightly ajar.

She said it opened after she ‘forcefully’ inserted her key into the lock after which she noticed a ‘dark silhouette’ in the room.

Guyger said she believed she was being burglarized and issued a series of commands which were ignored – after which she opened fire, hitting 26-year-old Jean once, fatally, in the chest.

But since her arrest and bail on manslaughter charges, a series of discrepancies have emerged in her story, while a search warrant released Thursday contradicted her claims – saying that she had banged on the door and shot Jean after he opened up.

That story tallies with what neighbors told Merritt – alleging the cop had been heard shouting ‘Let me in, let me in’ before two gunshots were heard.

And, as DailyMail.com previously reported, her claim to have found the door ajar appears shaky with video proving that the heavy metal fire doors slam shut automatically if let go.

Although similar, photos taken inside the apartment building clearly show that each home has a number lit up in neon beside the door, while access can only be gained via the use of an electronic key that flashes red if inserted into the wrong lock.

On a meme that reads: ‘I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me, because I’m already dressed for your funeral’, Guyger commented: ‘I got meh a gun a shovel an gloves if I were u back da f**k up and get out of meh f**king a** [sic]’
Merritt said: ‘The aggregate of all the evidence available establishes that her story is just not plausible – it’s not logically sound.

‘I almost, in the sense I want justice for the family, think bringing forward the affidavit was a mistake by the cops because it nails her into a story that is demonstrably false.’

But while he has not come up with a plausible motive for Guyger’s actions, he told DailyMail.com that he does believe her to be a racist.

Although Guyger’s social media accounts have now been deleted, some of the memes she shared have been widely circulated on Instagram – including some questionable items from her Pinterest account.

The latter was still available online until Friday when the Dallas Observer posted an article detailing some of the content.

Among them is a meme that reads: ‘I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me, because I’m already dressed for your funeral’.

Commenting underneath, Guyger who saved the post under ‘love to laugh’ wrote: ‘Yah I got meh a gun a shovel an gloves if I were u back da f**k up and get out of meh f**king a** [sic].’

Another meme features a picture of Colin Kaepernick and the words: ‘The NFL died, of Colin cancer.’ Guyger had again saved it under ‘love to laugh’.

Although Merritt says social media is only a snapshot of someone’s personality, he claims the posts are indicative of her character.

He told DailyMail.com: ‘Just a review of some of her pictures on social media, the memes that she placed, those are tell-tale signs of what she felt strongly about.

‘Guyger’s social media reflects a woman who feels strongly about people like Colin Kaepernick, calling his protest the Colin cancer of NFL.

‘She expressed a repeated and intense propensity towards violence – particularly her having a short temper, she bragged about it.

‘The world was fortunate that she didn’t stab anyone in the throat this week. She was dressed in black in preparation for our funerals so don’t mess with her.

‘Repeated threats like that she was engaging in light-heartedly. That wasn’t out of her character – that is who she was.’

Merritt, who is also representing the family of O’Shae Terry, a 24-year-old black man shot and killed during a routine traffic stop the week before Jean died, says his aim is now to get murder charges brought against Guyger and secure a conviction.

After that, he says he hopes Jean’s legacy will be an end police brutality in the US – telling DailyMail.com the case will be one of the straws that breaks the camel’s back.

He said: ‘I’ve seen his death described as the worst case of police brutality in the nation’s history because the factors surrounding the use of deadly force have gotten worse and worse and worse but when you’re literally in the safety and comfort of your own home and death visits your door, the idea that you’re safe nowhere becomes overwhelming.

‘So if his death is not the straw, it’s going to be a straw that breaks the back of police brutality and I hope that’s the legacy for the family.

‘The idea this senseless killing will go beyond this case and lead to reform throughout the country.’


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  1. It still sounds like an overcharge and might get changed in a few years. I am surprised the Texas Rangers were in favor of acquittal and would like to hear why they supported this.

    The social media post I might find disturbing if I saw employment history (maybe her work history is too short to reach a conclusion) confirming the attitude expressed in those posts. Many people like to have a Walter Mitty persona on the Internet when there lives are humdrum like this fictional character. She might like to seem more like a Dirty Harriet.

    Self closing doors don't always fully close. On the other hand beating on the door and someone coming to door would seem logical, EXCEPT, if she believed it was her apartment why would she beat on the door if no one was inside? It makes me think the door was ajar for reasons we may never know.

    All that aside there does not seem be any grounds for acquittal on some criminal charge. The motive for shooting the victim is elusive unless you consider Guyger thought the man was an intruder. How you make that murder and not manslaughter or aggravated manslaughter is what I take issue with.


  2. When you accept the fact that police employees are just people doing a job and not supheros, it is much easier to accept the fact that this could have been an accident. She could have just accidentally ended up at that apartment. Then she reacted the way her police employee training has taught her to do: shoot anything that doesn't comply without thinking of the consequences. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss government policing in American society. Police employees are idolized and worshipped by the brain dead in this society. Change how Americans view police employees and there would be fewer tragedies like this.


    • The police present themselves as infallible. Their unions routinely attack and defame anyone who dares suggest they're just like the rest of us. That they be held accountable like the rest of us. I agree with the concept of your argument, but the fact remains that her statements are demonstrably false, and she has displayed racist tendencies. If you're going to ask people be reasonable and open to her explanation, you ought to at least try to address the blatant 'discrepancies'(to put it generously) in her accounts. Why do you chose to ignore pretty much this entire article?


      • Wow you're post is totally off! Lol. It's like you people dont even know how to read.

        1. Please point to an article, statement where police have ever said or presented themselves as infallible.

        2. What racits tendencies has she displayed? I am a person of color and I agree. The NFL died from Colin cancer. Am I a racist as well? Or could it be that, like me, she simply did not agree with Colin's stance and his actions. I guess in your world disagreement = racist.

        3. Please list those blatant discrepancies as I can totally contradict you and I can do so with evidence.

        Thank you.


  3. If he opened the door that easy after the let me in commands, then its because they had a relationship together, maybe she saw him during the day kissing another woman... so after work she rushed to kill him. Its not about racism then, or noise, or that she is a potential serial killer, it may be all about a crazy broken heart.
    Maybe she was drunk, and told to his key 'let me in let me in' and decided to shoot the door, and in that exact moment he opened on the darkness and he saw the gun pointing at him, walked backwards, she walked forward and entered to the loft, then shooted...
    Maybe she is a lesbian, and another neighbour was her girlfriend, the other neighbour shot him because of a situation of broken heart, noise complain, racism, or the three of them... and the cop, for love, blamed herself lying like that........
    My respect to the family, be strong! My mom just died on febrary this year and maybe she was killed insted of a natural dead, Im on a battle too... The revenge is on god's hands.


    • Or because she was wearing a police man uniform and he saw it. Or because he was wondering why somebody would be trying to get into his door. Why does everyone want to fantasize about these two screwing?


    • You do realize that the "let me in" doesn't hold any water. Why is no one mentioning bothams direct neighbors who reported that they didn't hear any banging or yelling. And they live right next door. I guess that doesn't fit into your narrative so it's easier to just ignore it huh.


  4. Maybe this could help, I've read hundreads of serial killers biographies. Also, I know what it is to feel the world owes you for changing beeing a murderer for an artist, you know the 'from negative to positive' change of a troubled mind before it falls forever... by the pinterest evidence, I can tell you she actually is a serial killer (this might be her first victim), she is very angry with the world and couldnt control more time her need to kill wich is the reason that she became a cop, to kill. She needs to kill because something makes her very very angry, it is an specific reason with a detonant... for example racism with a noise complain, so she sayid this is it, open the door, let me in, let me in. Bang!!! What Im going to do now, ill say i made a mistake and thought he was a burglar on my loft.. I won't apologize to show the family my intentions, but I know that cus i'm a cop I wont be punished, so it doesent matter Im declared not guilty, they will know with my silence, the real truth, cus what is the point of killing someone if no one pays for it... she shot him and then went downstairs for 3 days to have peace without noise. Maybe the victim had told her before something like, I dont care you are a cop. Here you are a civil citizen and you have to deal with a noisy, black, pothead neighbour... so it all mixed up togeather. Her need to kill, her knowledge of cops rights to use deadly force, her racism, the pain in the ass her neighbour for her, the discussions between them, and the moment she ran out of patience.


    • Oh, you lust have to laugh at and love the supremely bizarre lack of self awareness of right wing bigots.


  5. Did she try to save him after she shot him, applying pressure to his wound, doing CPR, whatever? Was there any attempt by Guyger to right this so-called mistake? If it was truly a mistake she would have been horrified and at his side until the ambulance came. I dont see blood on her in the pacing video right after the shooting. That in itself proves her intent.


    • Yes Robyn....that and the fact that Amber has not apologised. If this was truly an error she should issue a formal apology to the family. This should have been done a long time ago. It was either a .mistake or not. You can't make a mistake and behave like you're damn right at the same time.


    • This thought haunts me everyday since this tragedy and as a member of the family, it is too painful to bear.


  6. I think all these perceptions and opinions is distracting from the case and the facts that will be presented at the trial. We are in essence trying to determine a fluid case. The accused is still concocting an alibi and that is their right, however, which ever one she comes up with has to be tested in Court. What we have to do is let her come up with her final alibi which the facts will either confirm or dispute.

    There is always difficulty in trying to predicate if all the facts are not known. However i understand the emotion. That will not deter me from looking at the matter objectively as i don't want to make anybody look racist, black or white. If you are racist then there are particular facts that will make you appear that way. We are only speculating now.


    • Isn't it amazing how you voice objectivity and fairness and people just WANT to be bigots and tear someone down. Sad what we've become.


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