Shopkeeper left paralyzed after robbery in Cul de Sac

Shopkeeper left paralyzed after robbery in Cul de Sac
* Not the victim's actual legs.
* Not the victim's actual legs.
* Not the victim’s actual legs.

Relatives of a Cul de Sac shopkeeper who was shot during a robbery say he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Rufus Pierre, 56, was robbed at gunpoint by three men, who were armed with hand guns.

The perpetrators took a bag during which the businessman was assaulted and shot in the back.

His girlfriend, Georgia Isidore, 42, of the same address was also accosted and robbed by the assailants.

The incident occurred in Cul de Sac, Castries at about 9:18 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Pierre spent some 18 days at St Jude Hospital after undergoing surgery, but surgeons told family that the man’s spinal cord was shattered and could not be repaired.

The only suspect arrested by the police in relation to this incident has been released from custody.


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  1. Where is Mary Francis & her "Human rights" gibberish now??? Didn't this man have a right to feed his family??? Something he will no longer be able to do must I add. I guess only the criminals have rights.


  2. The cowards, do-no-want-to work, voleur who did this to the hard working man, how do you feel, right now, knowing you inflected that pain and suffering in the lives of this man an his family? How do you feel now - content!



  3. Enough already see this is where the police should be putting their efforts because this man didn`t deserve this its just crazy to see such things going on in a country and no one gets caught.... and charged in time i know karma will get those criminals this happened to a friend the police killed the individuals eventually its usually folks you know, they the ones doing these stuff they`re looking at you and at times tracking your every move... hope this gets resolved


  4. For such a small nation, criminals are like looking for a needle in a haystack! There are too many see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil citizens who need to be re-educated to be empowered. How on earth can police investigation proceed and catch perpetrators of crimes without people willingly divulging what they see and what they hear? But, if people are fearful that the law cannot protect them: then society is allowing the creation of a gangster paradise. That’s a tall order for any government whatever the hue (Red, Yellow or Green). At the heart of change are good governance and education institutions - the home and family, community, churches, schools and government bodies.

    So, what use is education if it does not develop people with moral fibre, courage and hope for change or to change?

    I hope this man and his family is given the support to cope with his disabilities. I hope people who know these perpetrators look into their heart and do the right thing – flush out these criminals and have them face justice.


  5. Baffled! No arrest??!!! Somebody knows and somebody MUST talk. These thugs will be living sleepless nights. You will see their state soon. I'm waiting for this bomb to explode!


  6. Every young man in stlucia yearns to have a gun. Nice. Look what this has done to human being.

    The guy that pulled the trigger doesn't care. Let his concious burn him. And what did he get 500.00


  7. Its just a matter of time until there is some kind of uprising in this country.i hope when a few of them get whats coning to them people dont say "he was a good boy"...


  8. Very sad. Just working hard trying to support your family and some persons think they have a right to do this, smh. These people will pay because life has a way of restoring balance.


  9. If the Police is inefficient, hire private investigators ! The unemployed will be grateful for the opportunity.


  10. ok why dont all good abiding citizens go to prison and leave all criminals on the street with the human rights group.why because the criminals dont go to prison,so we safer up there


  11. Ah wa guys, your non-action speaks louder than words. How many more must die. What is our police force employed to do? And you dare talk about a "crime solved rate". The society appears to be divided into two classes, those with guns and those without. There has to be an end to this police attitude.


    • What if the police or anyone find these criminals and blast two shotgun rounds into their spine? Wouldnt that be a merry thing? I think any one with a merchant license should qualify for a gun license. Its time to maim some criminals.


  12. Please do not blame the government or the PM for this miscarriage or absence of justice. The government and PM ultimately are not responsible for keeping the courts up and running. The government and PM ultimately are not responsible for keeping the police and law enforcement properly trained and equipped for the job of protecting law abiding citizens from criminals and would be criminals. The government and PM ultimately are not responsible for making sure that our forensics lab is used to assist in detecting criminals and convicting them. The government and PM ultimately are not responsible for making sure that persons accused of crimes are effectively tried and if found guilty justly punished for their crimes. The government and PM ultimately are not responsible for making sure that our laws accurately reflect the current reality of our society and our world rather than the society that existed when those laws were originally written. If not the government and PM then who assumes those responsibilities and more immediately upon election? And if the government and PM ultimately shrug at these responsible should citizens then begin to look out for themselves - after all doesn't it seem like no one else is?


  13. And When Ppl See Them On The Streets They Say Poor jab...Ruto Didn't Deserve that...But God Is Good


  14. messay when it rains it pours . you in your own damn country and you working hard everyday just to get what you want and for some useless people who dont want to work robbing you and you end up being paralyzed for life now smh life is just not damn fair


  15. The sad reality is that the police need witnesses and how many people who are witnesses to these types of crimes are willing to risk life and limb to go to court and stand up in front of the accused and testify?? Possibly only the victim...

    Unless they have physical evidence that ties the accused to the crime they will get off Scott free!!


  16. That is why I support and supported Operating Restore Confidence. Labour party turned it into a political football and now the criminals have free reign.


  17. I really don't give a damn! I am willing to go to prison because those cowardly bastards don't deserve to be alive. If I am accosted by robbers or if I get one of them in my home, I am going to kill them. Those pieces of garbage.

    Look what has happened to this man. Working hard to feed himself and family and today, he is now disabled.

    F..k them! I am willing to go to prison because they don't deserve to be among the living. You, human rights activists, what are you about to do for this innocent man? Sympathize with him? Huh? Sympathy does not give him the use of his legs!


    • What else is new in this country! People we need to stop this maddness that passes off for life here. How much more must a people take before they say they've had enough?


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