Shooting, car chase and assault of alleged bandit in Martinique

Shooting, car chase and assault of alleged bandit in Martinique
Scene of the accident and assault at Rivière-Salée on Friday.

(SNO) – Rivière-Salée on Friday night (July 27) in Martinique was the ending scene of a dramatic chain of events that included a shooting, a car chase, and an assault.

According to local media reports, two brothers were dining when a gunman opened fire in their direction, hitting one of the brothers.

The gunman was one of two males who reportedly arrived on a scooter. After the shooting, the assailants sped off, however the victim’s brother jumped in his car and gave chase.

During the chase, the brother admitted to investigators that he used his car and hit the scooter from behind, sending both alleged bandits sprawling on the road. One of them managed to run away, but the other was not so lucky. The brother caught him and dealt him a number of blows while eyewitnesses stood and watched in approval, according to news reports.

When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the alleged bandit, who is reportedly in his 30s, had sustained facial trauma and was unconscious. He, along with the shooting victim, were hospitalised.

The condition of the shooting victim is currently not known but Martinique 1ere reported that he was “severely affected” and has a “sore elbow”.

The incident occurred near a shopping centre in the community.

The police are investigating.



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  1. I heard it was a Lucian . someone send me a audio of a French men speaking about the accident .and he said that it was a Lucian that get shot.


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