Shooting at Beauséjour

Shooting at Beauséjour


Gunmen opened fire at a house in Beauséjour, Gros Islet on Saturday, February 20, following a failed robbery.

Reports are that four men from Reduit, Gros Islet attempted to rob a young man who fought them off.

A source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that two of the four men, sustained stab wounds and the young man sustained three long lacerations about his body.

In retaliation, the friends of the four men, allegedly went to the victim’s mother’s house at Beausejour and discharged several rounds through a kitchen window.

The incident took place around 4 a.m. Saturday.

While the police have confirmed receiving this report, they could not confirm the details.

Investigation are ongoing.


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  1. That was my family you try to rob and kill...... i already know who the trigger man is....... FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD......did you expect people to just stand there and not defend themselves....hhmm ....... tread carefully my friends....


  2. I'm glad he didn't make it easy for the criminals. It's high time we start defending what we worked hard for. Let the thieves bleed for every dollar they try to steal.


  3. AA what nonsense is this, the criminals wrong and well strong. I do hope they arrest them and make them pay for any damages.

    La Corbinere not being obsessed with elections violence and take not of all the rape and robberies that are happening around our fair Helen. Send a strong message to the criminals and potential criminals that this will not be tolerated and once identified and charged then they will feel the brunt of the force and legal department.


  4. Criminals like these need to be on a list. Most of them are known and they feel empowered because of the environment created by this Government. We have an incompetent Minister of Justice. Second time around he is still a failure but as one of the boys he is still on the payroll. Next we have a demoralized police force stressed not directly because of actions taken to address crime but by the careless talk of a short sighted politically motivated PM. The sense of insecurity that exist in the hearts of law abiding Saint Lucians is maddening to say the least. With the Juffali Affair looming above our heads we have reached a place where all Saint Lucians must demand either action or election.


  5. Dear My People,
    I have the answer to this crime wave and I wish to state it is going to be a very expensive program. If there is anyone that have a problem with it then please do not blame the Police and Government.
    1) All Police Officers on vacation must be recall ASAP.
    2) All Special Constables must work 10 hours a day.
    3) The immediate rental of about 40 to 60 cars from rental companies on Island for extra transportation.
    4) Deploy Officer on all Main roads, that is to say from Gros Islet to Castries, From Cul De Sac to VFort, from Cul De Sac to Soufriere, from VFort to Soufriere. All the back roads must be covered also, From Babonneau to Gros Islet, From Babonneau thru Ti Rocher to Bexon.
    5) All the hot spots in Castries must be man 24 hours a day with patrol cars and officer on foot.
    6) Anyone caught committing the smallest of crime must be book.

    Mr.Alexander please ask cabinet to give the require tools as written above.

    The people are crying so let the government use the taxes as reuired in this case.

    We have alot of people just crying making noise and complaining without giving a way to solve the problem. This is my way of getting it done.


  6. My beautiful homeland was once the gem and envy of the Caribbean. Talk about Tranquility I remember the good old days now poor Ms Helen have gone to the dogs. Let's not give up on her, she will arise from the ashes like Phoenix soon very soon from now. Stay bless my fair lady,love you much.


  7. restore confident it arrested those 4 should b put 2 sleep in the ISIS technique by the police.
    enough of those lawless mind-less animals..


  8. Let them don't do sum serious about the crime in this country. Very soon we will end up like some of our neighbouring islands in the Caribbean and everywhere on this island will be considered a "HOT SPOT"


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