Shirley-Ann to release new album LÉVÉ!

Shirley-Ann to release new album LÉVÉ!

After a few live appearances over the past year including at OPSR’s EXPO 2012, the time has come for a studio recording that lets you experience once again the vocal strengths of this minister in music, who has shared the stage with gospel greats like Shirley Caesar and Donnie McClurkin.

Last year on Vandwédi Kwéyol, the Boulevard just outside Blue Coral was abuzz with excitement, as Saint Lucia’s queen of gospel Shirley Ann Cyril-Mayers delivered a resounding preview of her two upcoming singles. A year later, the CD of the two heart-stirring Kwéyol songs – “LÉVÉ” and “Bondyé Viwé” – are in-hand and ready to be launched for Jounen Kwéyol 2012.

The CD entitled “LÉVÉ” comprises only two songs, both written and arranged by renowned composer of Martinique, Alfred Varasse.

Shirley-Ann feels that she has a message to deliver in these difficult times we face as a nation, and the world as a whole.

“No matter where I perform, the purpose is the same: To share the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring hope and healing to my audience.”

The messages in the two moving singles remain very timely.

“The tracks are already on the airwaves, and are also available at the Adventist Book Centre and DJ Outlet”, says Shirley-Ann. “We would like the public to become acquainted with them at this time so that the messages can be especially appreciated during the creole season, especially coming on the heels of the events of the past few months. “These songs speak in general to the comfort and answers that only God could give,” said the minister in music.

The official launch of the CD is scheduled to take place in the coming week. The two songs clearly show what Shirley-Ann Cyril-Mayers represents in terms of vocal ability, content and, above all, purpose.

“These are songs people will identify with. They make you smile and introspect at the same time. May they stir each of us to make a difference in our own spheres of influence and then to create a ripple effect across the nation and beyond.”

Further information can be derived from the Shirley-Ann Cyril-Mayers’ Facebook page. Contact Shirley-Ann Cyril-Mayers at 716-6347.


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