“She still deserves love”: Botham Jean’s brother on hug with Amber Guyger after murder sentence

“She still deserves love”: Botham Jean’s brother on hug with Amber Guyger after murder sentence

(ABC13) — The brother of Botham Jean spoke to “Good Morning America” about his courtroom hug with former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger and why he chose to forgive her.

Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean when she walked into the wrong apartment.

When asked what compelled him to hug and forgive her, right there in the courtroom, Brandt Jean said, “I knew that, I just told her, that I forgave. And with usual instances… the words only, they mean something. But I felt like that wasn’t enough… that was just my gesture, my decision of letting her know that I truly forgive her.”

“If you are trying to forgive her, understand that she is a human being. She still deserves love. She made a mistake that she probably truly regrets, so if you want to forgive her, just understand that God forgave you. And I know that every time I ask God for forgiveness, he forgives me. So who am I to not forgive someone who asks. I waited one year to hear ‘I’m sorry’ and I’m grateful for that. And it’s why I forgive her.”

Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


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  1. Ha Ha the little kneegrow wanted to feel how soft and fluffy a white hoe feels,after all he's his brothers keeper. After a few years in the US a Lucian sister would never be given a second look from him.


  2. he justify he is smart, very smart. Like the old saying never throw brick at a glass house to expose their dirtiness! they are other means to know their dirty deeds in the glass house. the young man show tremendous dignity in such regard. As much as we black people are being put to pay the crime for these atrocities, one day will come when the table will turn. They are alot of white folks who don't judge us by color, you don't have to go to Harvard university to expose someone's stupidity. Logistics will do that in its natural form


  3. God said to forgive and u shall be blessed by him,,,,dis is such a great ting he did ,,forgive,,dis young man has such a bright future ahead of him dt is y he now wat it is to forgive,,,,al of u dat is saying he shouldn't hav forgiven her urll need prayers ,,urll need to no God and hes gud favours ,,,,,if god can forgive u wen u do wrong multiple times who's he dt he can't forgive a murderer


  4. To all Thor's who are criticizing this young man all you belong to the devil...stop and ask you all self s what would Jesus do.think of it. "Jesus" the I am that I am..the Creator who Created everything and everyone..after all he went throu on the Cross.would you all drink vniger.he did and in the Jesus call to his Father and said forgive them for they know not what they do so. did you all know that.Jesus was in the court room to.cause he said where you are there I am also.do you think that Juse was unhappy with the young man .he did not see color.he saw a person who needs forgiveness.yes she did wrong ..but she is still a person..and let God be the judge of that..the word of God said forgive and you shall be forgiven...lets hope those who are nailing the young man one day will not need forgiveness..thats my take on that


    • You a stupid person...Stay quiet, Jesus is an IDOL he doesn't exist. Why is it your god don't look nothing like you? You Christians are the direct descendants of house Negros...You don't know your self, therefore you can't love your self.

      You sit up in the church house and praising an IDOL worshiping out of a king James version...Who is king James (a white king from England)... So your master brought you into slavery, your master gave you your religion and giving you the version of the book he want you to worship from.

      You see where this is going?... And you know that plagiarized Kings James version you'all worshiping from suppose to have 66 books but they have you all reading 33 of these books with this same old story weekend after weekend.

      Not one time your pastor say let me go in search of these lost books that they have hidden from us. You and your brain washed doctrine but you want to call people devil.


  5. What I want to know is how this young man's family feels about what he said ...when he said he did not want her to go to jail....man that is powerful....the woman killed your brother...how could that be a mistake...good God when she entered the apartment would she not notice that it is set up different to hers.....or see the furniture looks different...someone explain that to me.....I just don't get it....


  6. The racists are out in force. If they would expect the same energy working and providing for their children, they may provide something positive to this world. Otherwise they should suck the end of a 12 gauge.


  7. Remarkable young man. Don't ever regret your words. Straight from your heart. You made the bible come alive and touch lives of many. God exalt humility. Your future is bright...just a matter when you will see God's blessings been revealed. One life. One love. God is watching from a distance.


  8. Bro I am Lucian and no way in hell I can forgive her for what she did....not even for one billion dollars....there are thing that can not be forgiven and that's one of them....


  9. Man quiet, I see you on the stand looking all shocked and perplexed. You should have put your thoughts on paper and come and read it out, may be you would have more time to think, instead of that mess you did there.

    Begging for hugs and saying I love you pisssss!! Do you even realize black people fighting against police brutality in America. Colin kappenic
    Had to take a knee and lost his job, but you up there shucking and jiving with white folks !

    I can’t believe they still let you go in tv after this mess !


    • She's not the only one that needs to be forgiven but all you who are blinded by the devil. My brother I'm proud of you for taking such a bold stand for Jesus your reward is in heaven.


    • Then I guess you will be the one sitting in the throne room on judgement day presiding over your sins......you can never walk in this young man shoes for he has exemplified who Christ is and who he should be in us......whether this woman is genuine or not is between her a d God......she has been given a chance by God to lay bare her life before him and accept him as her Lord and Saviour......the one we can't fool


      • Oh shut the hell up Christian, am tired of your sorry, weak, pathetic existence... judgement day is now you sorry ass brainwashed specimen.


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