“She couldn’t go anywhere, talk to someone for 5 minutes” – relative said murder accused was the real victim

“She couldn’t go anywhere, talk to someone for 5 minutes” – relative said murder accused was the real victim
Kathy Jules * Video still image via HTS News4force
Kathy Jules * Video still image via HTS News4force
Kathy Jules * Video still image via HTS News4force

Family members of 29-year-old La Pansee resident Cathy Jules, the woman charged with stabbing her longtime boyfriend Dave Monrose of New Village to death on Oct. 24, 2015, has said Jules was the victim of domestic violence and not the deceased.

Jules, who was formally arrested and charged on Thursday, Oct. 29, appeared in court on Friday, Oct. 30 on murder charges. She is remanded in prison and is scheduled to reappear in court on Dec. 4.

A relative, speaking to HTS News, said Jules was being abused for over 15 years by Monrose.

Jules leaving court on Friday. * Photo credit: HTS
Jules leaving court on Friday. * Photo via HTS

“She couldn’t go anywhere, she couldn’t dress, she couldn’t go and drop her kids to school and just stay and talk to someone for five minutes. When she come back she would just get beaten,” the relative alleged.

The relative said Jules, a mother of three, had spoken about her abuse to everyone. The relative pointed out that family members of Jules and Monrose are also aware of what she was going through.

“Only one side of the story you are hearing like she wrong to do that,” the relative told HTS.

On the night of the murder, the relative said Jules apparently “took enough already” and retaliated.

“Enough is enough. She couldn’t even go at her mother home. If she go by her mother and stay too long she will be getting licks.”

Monrose, 31, was stabbed by his lover in New Village at around 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24. The Carasco & Son Ltd. employee succumbed at Victoria Hospital.

Members of the community had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO)  that Monrose and his girlfriend, who had three children together, had a rocky relationship that included countless disputes and physical abuse. It is also alleged that the couple had also appeared in the Family Court.

Residents further alleged that the couple had a “heated fight” a day before the homicide.

One blogger also mentioned this in a post on SNO: “Two nights ago our church bus went to drop a member Carellie passing….it was about after 12, heard a big slap from the female to this man on our way down. Is like they have been fighting. I know the two very well, that is why I was able to identify them. This has been going on for years now between them.”

A source close to the deceased told SNO that on the night of the fatal incident, Monrose was accused of having an affair with another female in the area.

Jules hide her face from the media after appearing in court on Friday on murder charges. * Photo: HTS
Jules hide her face from the media after appearing in court on Friday on murder charges. * Photo via HTS

“The girl stab the man because she think he checking a girl in the area. The girl they stab the man for, everyone fraid the girl. She is real drama. Shooter was a good youth. Garcon trust me, that bring tears to my eyes,” the friend alleged.

He added: “That man was always jovial, could always make you laugh; a Miami Heat fan, so we always had it going on during the NBA season. Garcon, trust me, I feel that one and a lot of people too. He was a good youth, good comrade, no drama, no-trouble youth.”

However, other persons close to the suspect, paint a different image of the deceased, saying he was the abuser in the tumultuous relationship.

“Those comments about a good youth kills my heart. The way this man was beating the poor female that night and he constantly said to her “I f– killing you”, what good youth says that,” said one source.

Deceased: Dave Monrose
Deceased: Dave Monrose

“He even attacked his sister who attempted to separate him and the female. He insulted his mother. He would not back down. This hurts. It’s sad she resorted to this.”

Family members of the deceased have admitted that the couple, who had been friends since school days, had a violent relationship.

His mother told HTS that the couple “always have ups and downs” but they “got through it”.

“Everybody have problems,” the mother said, adding that she was concerned about their relationship.


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  1. How old is this woman? With him for 15 years? Sounds like they were kids when they started dating. They probably never learned how to resolve conflicts like mature adults. Violence were all they knew. It's a shame someone had to die. Even worst for the kids who were brought up in that household. They will suffer for the rest of their lives. St Lucians we need to learn how to resolve our conflicts without the belt, stick, scissors, knife, cutlass, stone or gun. I see it everyday. People get vex and first thing they say is "I'm going to kill you" or they pick up a weapon (even on their own kids). Thankfully, my dad never raised his hands on my mom, even when they disagreed bitterly. He taught me violence is not the answer. Words are more powerful. I hope these kids can break free from the life of violence.


    • Sounds like she was suffering from battered women's syndrome. (It is a real disease) He may have made her felt so worthless and unworthy of him that she believed she could not survive without him, and just snapped. I would not throw her under the bus just yet, let's wait for the trial. (KIDS HAVING KIDS)


  2. Family Court knew about this relationship? Which means the suspect was seeking help. She lost it on him she had had enough. Not excusing her behaviour at all she went too far. smh sorry for the children they have left behind.


  3. I will say to you, these people were together for 15 years, whether they were let down by system, family or themselves it doesn't matter. We have a justice system and it will just have to prove that it is not broken. Because if it fails in delivering justice then we are well on our way to total anarchy.


  4. I read most of the comments and over 85% of you supported the killing....are st Lucians real this barbaric?...we have this double standard we call for justice when one is murdered but support this killing because we we have decided that the woman was a subject of abuse ( I don't support domestic violence) and was right in her actions....15 years is more than enough time for her or her relatives to seek the appropriate help she needed..........no excuse what so ever.........if we carry on with this sick mentality st.lucia will never be safe and secure...


    • She killed a drunk and helpless man who was drinking the whole day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm until he was stabbed. The guy didn't eat, he didn't go home and he never had contact with her until she came and find him where he was hold day. How can that be a woman acting out because of frustration? When she first came there and attack his friend she was stopped by people and she told them that she was coming back and she did come back to do more which means she knew exactly what she was doing because she was on a war path. The woman was jealous and hurt by what he told her after the fight on Friday night. He told her to go leave the house and she didn't want to go so she acted out with rage. I will accept that you went overboard with what you planned but don't tell me you were fed up about the licks and you acted out. Because there wasn't any fight on Saturday night in fact you did all the action if he had died the same Friday by your action then it would have been self defense but this one isn't. I feel sorry for your kids and both families but you have to go to jail and face the full brunt of the law for this one because it was the choice you made. No manslaughter just first degree murder because that's what it was. Been abused for 15 years doesn't give no woman or man the right to murder someone in cold blood without a case or a struggle murder is murder. if the person wasn't a threat to you then it's murder he was drunk and weak that why you killed him.


  5. Well there is always 3 sides to the story. Her saide. Their side. And the truth that none of us actually knows .alot of things happen behind closed doors n we never know. So this didn't give her the right to kill him. Now u will pay for what you did n ur kids will grow up without parents. So In the end im only feeling sorry for the kids. No matter how much u take from someone there is well a day wen u say its time to walk away. Always. We always have the right to say that is enough


  6. So sad that it had to get to this point for the police and everyone else to get involved. Anyone who has been in a abuse relationship can understand and know it's not easy to get up and leave. It takes a lot for one to leave. St Lucia is failing the abused children adults and rape victims. Something needs to be done. Soon we can't wait for situation to get bloody to take action.




  8. god blesse both family's for only he noes the truth.idk the man but hes friends with alot of my friends i cant push judgment but can only speak on my experience.an abusive relationship is unfortunately one of the hardest things to get out there.if u are not a strong person ur easy to break...abusive men are those with the most love don't take me wrong wat am trying to say is they will put u in blood but will wipe the blood from ur face and make u feel like a princess after making u feel like trash.there the ones who would hold ur hand through ur hardest battle and still use dt battle against.no matter how strong u are an abusive relationship sucks all that strength.and in most cases living with a abusive relation ship for so long drives u to the same state of mind.i stayed with my child father for years i toke all the kicks i toke the black eyes for no reason but then i got strength he raised his hand i did the same sometimes b4 he has cause to raise his mine up that doesnt make me an abuser but just show every rope has and end fortunately i had strength to live when i realized
    this is not who i am but not every one is the same


  9. By the comments it appears that lady was living in captivity and she could not take it anymore. I feel for her. Who feels it knows it. Condolences to the deceased families.


  10. Some of us tend to stay in this abusive relationship. Well I get out of mine. Am happy that I did get out of mine all alone. She could hv done the same with the kids. She wss wrong on the night of the stabbing to leave her house n go n stab the guy. She had the intention of doing it cause she said to the 4 year old godmother to come for the child. Prior to that the same evening she did put hot oil so she could hv burn the guy. Yes u was in a rocky relationship but think about the 3kids. Who will be there to feed them. Men will always be me. I was in a relationship with a man who used to do me the same. Leaving me home and out with other women. I couldn't talk to anyone. No that am out of that relationship with him n it turn the other way. The same thing he was doing to me itvhim in that situation. If I had to listen to myself I would have been either 6ft down or behind bars. I gave her wrong. If the stabbing had happen at the house I would hv said yes its self defense but u leaving the house and monitoring the ppl around to stab the guy. Now u goes to prison who will take of the kids. Who will bring stuff for u . Come on.


  11. So for 15 years you getting abused you eh leaving, you take the man to family court you eh leaving, you can't go by your mother or drop the kids to school you eh leaving, everybody knows what you going through you eh leaving. But the night the man asked you to leave and yall had yall fight whereby both of yall beat up each other you eh go instead you left the house where yall were staying to go all New Village and find your man who had been there all morning drinking rum because he didn't go to work and walk up to him around 8 pm quarrel with him, attack the so call jabal with a knife, hit her with a bottle and then come back to your man and hit him in his face then stab him over 5 times because over 15 yrs you getting licks and you fed up. The man was weak after drinking nearly 12 hrs straight without eating not once did he go looking for you or beat you but you can walk on him and do that because you were abused for 15 yrs come on man enough is enough but how can you justify that. it didn't happen same time of the fight you did that the next day without being provoked because he never left where he was. You tracked him down and killed him in cold blood because of your stupid jealous rage and anger. So you telling me a fella can persecute me for years and one night i can go hunt him down and it should be understood and accepted because he has been troubling and beating me for years. Your actions were unprovoked so I need to know why you had to rush him like that. The only thing That happen there was the words of thy mouth seal thy actions. When you say something for so long and you believe in it then it becomes action.


  12. Who really is the abusers, when the man Dave was atacted by the woman, while sitting on another woman steep


  13. I a man... I understand both side and I know st.lucia. Man in st.lucia always gets friends /support and can survive whereas woman doesn’t have much support. A woman with kids will do anything to protect her kids in every way. Like trying to hold the man (PREVENTING HIM TO GET OTHER WOMAN) so he can bring food to the table. It looks like this guy was not the prefect man. (We human not perfect) having argument and it came to this. I believe killing is not right way to go but ACIDENT HAPPEN. I DONT THINK IN MY MIND THE WOMAN WAS MEANT TO DO THIS. SHE WAS PUCH AND THERES THE RESULT. Now the government/ lawyers will make money. This situation is bad and there are kids. LET THE WOMAN GO AND LOOK AFTER HER KIDS. AM SURE IT WILL BE HARD FOR HER TO LOOK AFTER THOSE KIDS NOW. AND MAYBE GIVE HER A LOW CONSEQUENCE TO PAY... LIKE COMMUNITY WORK DONT LOCK HER... LET’S THINK OF THE KIDS THEY COME FIRST.


  14. All of those against the woman STFU!!! Murder is not a solution but death can happen while defending ones self. If you were being beaten would u just stay and take it? NO!!!!! This could have been the day that she felt it could have been her life and she had to save her self. There are abusive men who follow women where ever they go to beat them. Saying that she could have left is nonsense. If she had somewhere to go would it prevent him from following? With the shirty ass police we have who never have vehicle to reply to a situation. I pray this lady goes free to support her innocent children who are also victims of abuse, having to witness their father beat on their mom for so many years.


  15. How many people.from.new village ever kill any body you who talking about new village gloomy. New village is one of the few places in Castries where neighbour's cook and still share with the essential fortunate, where one man electricity will get disconnect and the same gloomy faces of which you speak would put money together to clear it. Where your neighbor water is disconnected and you help her pay because she has kids going to school. This is not a fairy tale ask anyone from.there. it's constantly hot on the block but on that block we still care. Where older guys still by ice cream on sunday for the kids where the young ones can come.on the block after playing and some.body will buy them a round of soft drinks no we not paradise and yes my block is for real. New village is still one of the few places where you can get a little. Child to.run to the grocery shop for you where kids will ask.you to.was your vehicle for free. Yes people get killed in new village but not by new village people. On that block we still play every day football dominoes cards. On that block neighbour's still share a plate of food every Sunday on that block we still come together put money to u materials to repair the homes of the elderly and less fortunate


  16. Everyone becomes judge and jury now…..a young woman was left to dead in the cemetery 20 stab wounds a few days ago, she could have easily been another homicide, but what do you have to say? A few years ago a young man working with GTBS killed a young woman over 30 stab wounds while she was carrying his baby and what you have to say? I am tired of we men who believe that beating women is the way out. Regardless of what anyone say here, if you all knew of the situation which has been ongoing for 15 years and none of you found a way to intervene or help the situation, you are all hypocrites…. just stay out of it! Keep your comments as objective and supportive as possible to the children. I have a daughter, a sister, female cousins and I tell you the man who is brave enough to hit anyone of them, please do…I dare you!!!


  17. Without disregarding the fact that this was an abusive relationship by both parties and the psychological trauma experienced, we need to realize that she did not kill him in "self-defense" in the heat of the moment. She attacked him because she believed that he had another woman. He was in no position to defend himself when he was attacked and bludgeoned. Had the roles been reversed and he had killed her because he believed she had another man, whether or not it I was actually true, there wouldn't have been any sympathy for the now deceased man. Both men and women need to realize that relationship with a significant other is not what that makes worthy as an individual. We need to love ourselves, boost our self-esteem, have faith in a higher power and only then we can experience true happiness, single or not. If the relationship is unhealthy , get out. Seek support from family, friends, the social and justice system. If you cannot do it for yourself, do it for your children because they are the true victims having lost both parents because of this tragedy. We need to keep them in our prayers as they are the innocent ones who are suffering from the consequences of their parents' actions.


  18. Let me get this strait! So the accused, who was beaten for 15 years, who tried to leave (cause thats what she told family court), stabbed the victim, her boyfriend, because she couldn't get to stab the feared 'jabal'?

    So she killed the guy she was trying to get away from because he was 'cheating' on her?? This is correct? This was the "enough is enough" trigger for the 15 years of physical abuse? If wasn't over physical abuse, it was crime of passion - gopwell if you will, for the abuser?? And this is will fly in court?

    I hope i'm understanding this properly. I didn't read the original news clip, just this and a few comments...


  19. alot of people are commenting stating why did she stay in the relationship, Sometimes when you're in an abusive relationship the men tend to threaten to kill if the female tries to live and all sorts of sht. Fear alone maybe caused her to stay in this relationship.