Shayne Ross releases new song from the ‘Coming of Org’ film soundtrack for Creole Heritage Month

Shayne Ross releases new song from the ‘Coming of Org’ film soundtrack for Creole Heritage Month
Shayne Ross. * Photo credit: submitted
Shayne Ross. * Photo credit: submitted

This month’s celebration of Creole Heritage month will see the release of Shayne Ross’ latest masterpiece – ‘Tjenbé.

The song, which was penned specifically for Davina Lee’s film ‘The Coming of Org’, features Ross’ sultry vocals in kwéyol.

The film features established actors Jason Sifflet (who lip-synchs to Ross’ song) and McDonald Dixon, as well as newcomers Ian Mitchell and Garnell Smith.

“For the film I wanted Shayne to write a song about overcoming the darkness within us, something hopeful. We recruited producer Johann Deterville and the result was magic, simply a beautiful song,” Lee says.

“It’s always a very positive experience working with Johann and Davina. The synergy and level of creativity that results is nothing short of extraordinary,” Ross says.

“When Davina told me the concept she had in mind I could speak to it almost immediately; I picked up my guitar and by the next morning the song was written. The song deals with themes of insecurity and struggles. Sometimes we’re faced with the difficult task of having to hold on to hope as our only means of accomplishing anything. It also means letting go of doubt and fear, which sometimes shields us from disappointments. This song deals with that, holding on or letting go, sometimes you cannot decide. But just as the dawn kills the darkness we can overcome our doubts and fears. I was deeply touched by the response it got from the actors and other people on the movie set. I just hope the general public will get the message and be able to relate,” Ross said enthusiastically.

Ross is currently working on his debut album and the song ‘Tjenbé’ will be available for digital download shortly. The film ‘Coming of Org’ can also be seen later this month.


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