Shark attack victim’s wound infected by ‘flesh-eating bacteria’

Shark attack victim’s wound infected by ‘flesh-eating bacteria’
'Doctors are not cheap and I need to pay bills,' said Mr Shelton on Facebook
‘Doctors are not cheap and I need to pay bills,’ said Mr Shelton on Facebook

(SKY NEWS) – A shark attack victim is trying to raise £23,000 ($30,000) after he says his wound became infected by flesh-eating bacteria.

Blaine Shelton, from Texas, is facing huge medical bills following his return to hospital after being bitten by a shark in waters off Bolivar Island.

The 42-year-old started to experience huge pain around the bite and says he discovered he had contracted “flesh-eating bacteria”.

He told local television station KHOU11: “I’d heard there was bacteria in the water, I just never treated it serious.

“To tell you the truth, if you’ve got a scratch on your arm or your leg, I wouldn’t get in that water.

“And if you do, bring some alcohol with you to clean it the second you get out. It’s nothing to play with.”

Mr Shelton was attacked on 9 August about 180m (200 yards) off the coast of Galveston in Texas.

He said he saw the fin and realised it was not a friendly animal, but was grabbed by the leg before he could escape.

Mr Shelton – who is expected to recover – thinks he will have bills in the region of £78,000 ($100,000) by the end of his treatment, and has appealed for help on GoFundMe and social media.

Posting on Facebook, he wrote: “I’ve got bills and family to take care of and can’t walk for now. Doctors are not cheap and i need to pay bills.

“I still love the water but not so much bull sharks.

“Thanks to all that can help, I try to help everyone I can and have never asked for help in this way.

“God is good and I’m still alive.”

He added: “I’ve got a $30000 hospital bill and trying to take care of my elderly parents I’m not able to work because of my injuries. It will take months of healing.”


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