Shakespeare globe theatre’s “Hamlet” on for summer of the arts 2014

Shakespeare globe theatre’s “Hamlet” on for summer of the arts 2014

With the successful 2013 showings of “King Lear” as a marker, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre of London will once more stage an epic Shakespearian tragedy, this year bringing “Hamlet,” to Saint Lucia.

Slated for Tuesday September 9th, 2014 at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay, the production will be staged for one night only.

Partnering with the Shakespeare Globe Theatre again this year, is the Cultural Development Foundation, in association with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

With a mandate to promote an international experience and an understanding of the works of William Shakespeare through education and performance, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s international Hamlet tour is unprecedented, as it is being staged in every country in the world this year.

This coincides with the Government’s own recent Arts emphasis and the strengthened development thrust of the Cultural Development Foundation.

In that regard, a second visit by the renowned theatre company supports CDF’s goal of creating a sustainable “Summer of the Arts” season in Saint Lucia.

The Chairman of the Cultural Development Foundation, Mr. Petrus Compton said, “CDF’s investment in training has been heavily focused on theatre.

We have been working steadily to brand the summer months as our season of the Arts. Having just concluded a number of    workshops which culminated with their own productions, the Globe’s visit is intended to close the 2014 season.

It is our hope that as our season gains momentum, so will the visibility of Saint Lucia thespians.”

Saint Lucia Tourist Board Director Louis Lewis expressed the agency’s pleasure at the CDF’s initiative “in forging the kind of partnerships that are very strategic to reinforcing the cultural and artistic personality of Saint Lucia”.

According to the Director, while the Tourist Board’s work is to market the brand along differentiated lines, it is through the work of partners on the ground that this is delivered.

The Shakespeare Globe Theatre’s one night only engagement of “Hamlet” will take place on Tuesday September 9th from 7:30 pm at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay.

Tickets cost $80 EC and are available from Splendour Gifts in the Gablewoods Mall and The Cell outlets at Baywalk, Bridge Street, Chisel Street, and Clark Street in Vieux Fort.


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