Group robbed by bandits in Soufriere

Group robbed by bandits in Soufriere


A group of persons visiting a waterfall in Soufriere on Thursday afternoon were reportedly robbed by three masked bandits.

The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. near the New Jerusalem waterfall.

The bandits managed to escape with cash, several pieces of jewelry and other valuables.

One of the victims reportedly sustained injuries to the head inflicted by the bandits.

At least half a dozen persons, including an American citizen with St. Lucian parents, were held up the bandits.

Police are investigating.


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  1. Mouths need to be fed, y not by the boujee tourist . I don't care about selling saint Lucia to some stink honkies for a day. We won't need them of we self sustain. As long as you see their white skin Rob them .


    • This is the sick people we don't need. I wish I would be making security decisions. You all would be done. Trust me.


  2. I refuse to go anywhere without my "life preserver"(gun).I don't like thieves/criminals & I rather body one of them & pay the consequences than to live my life in fear.I am a responsible gun owner so it's not like I'll be using it for any ill will.
    My woman don't like the idea of me having it but everytime an incident like this happens I show it to her & tell her "you so why I don't live home without it?".


  3. We as a nation needs to address the constant robbing of tourists and citizens alike. We have a place like this we need to have it protectied by security guards and also cctv Camaras with audio. We have so many useless young men on island train them and hire them so they can take care of their families. My God my island is going to hell head first. Have Mery lord


  4. This is nothing but the truth. Has it ever occurred to anyone that desperation leads to desperate actions. The culture of hand-outs by politicians has taken away the zeal for independence and creativity. Part of the culture, particularly among the young ones, is undeniably the infatuation to be like the rest. Society at large (parents, schools, churches and community) failed the child in the understanding of the simple difference between Needs and Wants and the lawful manner to satisfy needs. The lack of manner (jobs) to satisfy the most precious need to starve hunger, can lead to desperation. There needs to be greater meaning to learning. Knowledge at the end of the day, sees a new generation who are not selfish, understands the difference between needs and wants, understands methods legally available as well as creative ways to satisfy needs. and also understand our laws and the consequences of disobedience. The governments whom we elect to provide opportunities to satisfy needs, have failed us miserably. Where have all the money ? They have not been creative because they have depended on hand-outs also. These handouts are not available anymore. Their apron strings have been cut by the donor countries and are left, without notice, to fend on their own . Desperation sets in, and desperate measures are put in place ( CIP ) primarily for payment of debt, with IMF lurking around . There will be an initial construction boom, followed by domestic jobs. On the other hand, large portions of land as well as access will quickly disappear until reality sets in. Limited access, culture shift, price hike on land and properties, and the most damaging will be "land gone and still in debt". Just my two cent vision.


  5. So by now there is still no security guards at those places. SMH. It is not rocket science. All those places need security. ANYWAYS


  6. St lucia is sick and law less island I pay property taxes every year the government takes my money and give no services I cannot even rent the property because of crime government does nothing what a SHAME !!!what a SHAME!!!


    • The bandits ARE the ones living on tourists. The hotels make a profit and regale us the stories about being the best this and best that. The governments indulge allowing them to pay 8% VAT.

      The rest of us pay 15%. Horaay to dumb ass policy!


  7. How the f... a tourist place like the waterfalls don't have armed securities..... When ever there is cruise ships dere purpose to have lock dong security.....or I should say tourist areas should have armed men smfh.....y'all f...s that doing them tings y'all destroying y'all own f... country....most times they have relatives living on tourism to survive....y'all young me stop y'all nonsence please


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