Several locals and foreigners to stand trial after drug busts

Several locals and foreigners to stand trial after drug busts

Four men who were caught in a boat off the Vieux Fort coast with about 73 kilos of marijuana are due to stand trial for that matter.

Ned John, Sherwin Cashley John, Ronald Kendall John and Bashan Classe have been charged with possession and intent to supply a controlled drug.

The men were intercepted by the mobile marine patrol near Moule-a-Chique in a fishing vessel named Young Faith. The drugs were discovered in four polythene bags in the vessel which was headed in a northerly direction.

The bags were open in the mens’ presence at the Vieux Fort Marine Base. A total of 10 cylindrical parcels of marijuana were recovered from the bags.

The men were informed of their suspected offenses and the parcels were sealed in evidence bags which all four men refused to sign. The Forensic Lab in Castries proved that the cannabis weighed 73.79 kilos.

They will return to court at a date yet to be determined.  They are all on bail.

Meanwhile, another four men – three St Lucians and a Vincentian – will also stand trial for possession and intent to supply cannabis and attempting to import the substance into St Lucia.

Leverius Louis, Tammy Alexander and Clive Alexander of St. Lucia and Cyrous Waldron of St. Vincent were intercepted in a vessel six miles east of Vieux Fort with almost 64 kilos of cannabis.

They were caught by marine police during a chase which ensued after they attempted to evade officers.

During the chase, officers noticed that five polythene bags were thrown overboard.  The bags were retrieved and taken aboard the marine vessel.  A green duffel bag was also found in the vessel.  The men were transported to the Vieux Fort Marine Base where it was discovered that all the bags contained marijuana.

The men, who are currently on remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility, will reappear at court on September 27, 2013.

In other court news, Dominican national Anwon Baron and St. Lucian Maurice Xavier have also been committed to stand trial for the offences of possession and intent to supply cannabis.

They were arrested after their vessel was intercepted on high seas about 20 nautical miles off the coast of St Lucia by Vieux Fort Marine Police on December 19, 2012.

The fishing boat named Progressive was headed north.  They were eventually stopped and a search was conducted of their vessel; 19 polythene bags were discovered at the bottom of the vessel.

A total of 45 individually wrapped cylindrical parcels were recovered from the polythene bags. They all contained cannabis which weighed a total of 290.74 kilos.

In court on Friday, Baron claimed that he was simply hitching a ride home and he had no knowledge of or involvement with the cannabis.  Xavier stated his intention to plead guilty to all charges.

That matter comes before the courts on September 27, 2013.

The two men are on remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.


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