BREAKING: Several injured after van rolls down hill in Vieux-Fort

BREAKING: Several injured after van rolls down hill in Vieux-Fort


At least three people sustained injuries after a van went out of control and down a hill in Grace, Vieux-Fort at about 7 a.m., Tuesday, December 29.

Reports are that the van overturned and grazed the side of a house before landing at the bottom of the hill.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the injured persons were in the vehicle.

The house was not damaged. The police are investigating.


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  1. Cocoflow how u know the person was rushing...smh u never stop to think that something could have been wrong with the vehicle. Urll so quick to jump to conclusions.


  2. I can't understand y so many drivers always in a rush or just like to b reckless in a small place with narrow roads like SLU with no regards for passengers or people on the streets walking or in other vehicles being driven woow so much for using common sense for survival.


    • I can't understand why people are so quick to jump to conclusions. Speed doesnt have to be the sole cause of this incident...could be driver error...engine/brake malfunction...he/she could have been distracted..


      • am sure where there is smoke there is no fire too right... see the thing with some of you people you don\t seem to get it.... there are certain facts that one can't always deny .......and we all know its the Christmas season.... yup the drinking is another interesting factor too... well lets hope everyone is well and the government needs to change the laws to stop folks from riding behind these open vans ... a bit dangerous one should say


        • i am in no way ruling out that there is a possibility of speeding involved just to make the point that people are too quick to assume..

          Nothing more...point taken though



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