Several injured after shooting breaks out near Gros Islet jetty

Several injured after shooting breaks out near Gros Islet jetty


Police are still trying to put the pieces together following a bizarre shooting in the wee hours of Saturday morning in the town of Gros Islet, which has left several people injured.

The shooting unfolded shortly after 1 a.m. close to the Gros Islet jetty.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that some six people were injured after several shots were fired by an unknown individual.

Reports are that the crowd scampered when shots rang out and some persons sustained injuries to the feet, hands and leg. It is still not clear if anyone suffered life-threatening injuries.

Emergency services responded and transported some of the victims to hospital.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Funny, I thought crime was a slp problem, how comes we eh hearing nun from the government on this serious issue?, are they too busy removing items from the zero rated list to comment?


    • I like you, you're funny.

      Perhaps you can secure crowd-funding from any one of the numerous sites to develop and print a design for your limited edition T-shirt that you'll debut wearing at Gros Islet, preceded a special night launch event at Marchand, it will be wonderful, I like your thinking, perhaps a slogan --- "St. Lucia. Sorry we missed you the first time."

      I checked with Amazon regarding delivery, they were unclear of where to deliver your T-shirt, the delivery-person wasn't sure which rock to kick over. 🙂



  2. why are there not policemen in uniform at G islet on a Friday night? We all know that is one of the locations for the so called bad boys. I remember a few years ago when those ' men in black' would be stationed in that same location with their unmarked police vehicle. Kenney tried to get rid of all of them in his IMPACS report and now we face with this nonsense again. Now time to bring back ORC and those men in black. Kenny is no longer.


    • They roll often in plain-clothes looking like average boyz lookin' for a beer and a bit BBQ.

      Stick to the visible picnic benches, you'll be all good. Gros Islet is far from a lost cause.


  3. Meanwhile Chastenet on a world tour at tax payers expense, putting his friends and family in top position, massy seeking banana leaves for 12.00 ... massa and his family filling their pockets and the poor man begging....yall voted for the abuse...take it!


    • I hate when people say these things cause where all suffering in this country. It doesn't matter which side of the boat you're on you're still on it so when it goes down everyone does. So why call bad upon your country. Open y'all minds y'all ignorant ones...plz.


    • t's very easy to throw shade.

      I'm sure that a great number of us would be very interested to hear your constructive, solution-based concrete suggestions, because, after all, we are blessed to have been born and to live in a democracy. Please contribute your ideas as to how you can help make a difference and what you would suggest to our elected officials.


  4. No work ppl are frustrated the place slow with a pm that traveling with no new exciting news with a slp government that did not think of the country future leave it struggle with a new pm in his political add like he had already plan everything saying soon as he come he would sign gas prices would go down he would removed vat but we have to wait till February ..and he well saying we get five dollars more in our pocket but the hiddenr taxes will be higher... So ppl open you all eyes government is only politricking us


    • My father and grand father always spoke to my about life being difficult so you have to work REALLY hard (not rob/shoot/kill etc.)


    • EZ to shout from the sidelines and choose not to be engaged.

      We have a democracy. Have you done anything with respect to contacting your elected officials, making your views known to them either by e-mail, telephone, in-person, on-line petition, community meeting, or other democratic mobilization?

      Yap-yap is easy.

      You obviously have passion and an interest in our nation --- we need you to bring your soltions-oriented ideas into the discussion.


  5. How can we go on saying that weapons are good for our Island?

    Again! Every potential tourist reading about this event will not come! Every crime, every little theft (think about the barber shop in Castries yesterday), every shooting, affects EVERY CITIZEN directly and implies a loss of work and therefore of income. If a fellow Lucian gets robbed, WE ALL get robbed! Do not forget this.

    And as usual the Police will be unable to do anything as usual, since they do not even have the equipment to take fingerprints.


    • You proverbially hit the nail on the head.

      With today's interconnectivity, what happens in our SLU gets posted to both existing and potential tourists from Boston-to-Budapest type thing in colour-corrected Hi Def in literally seconds.

      And we wonder why Butch et. al. are focusing their marketing off-shore to destinations in SVG and the recent high-profile visit to TT. SLU used to be marketed off-shore as the flag ship. No pun intended, that ship has sailed.

      But, on the bright side, our new government has apparently been diligently working to establish our payments for being able to designate Caribbean Airlines as SLU's "national carrier". Velvet curtains will part and champagne will fall from the ceiling. Apparently that's progress. Hooray!


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