Seven years prison for stabbing cousin to death

Seven years prison for stabbing cousin to death

A man who stabbed his cousin to death during an altercation in 2011 has been sentenced to serve seven years in prison.

Kyle Felix, on Saturday January 6, 2011, stabbed Miguel Florent six times during a fight over a gold chain. The incident happened near a bar at about 11:30 a.m.

According to information from the court, Florent died as a result of haemorrhagic shock secondary to the stab wounds. He was stabbed four times on the front part of his body and two more to the back.

On December 6, 2011 Felix was arraigned by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and plead guilty to a charge of manslaughter by reason of provocation. The plea was accepted and a pre-sentence report was ordered by the court.

The report indicated that Felix, who is one of six children, was not known for being a violent person. He said to have been a very helpful, social and community-oriented individual, who took part in various activities in the community, played sports and was generally a nice person. The report did however indicate that Felix had a bad temper.

A psychiatric evaluation of Felix stated that he had no issues with the defendant save a mild depression brought on as a result of his actions on the day of the murder.

Taking all of this into consideration, Judge Francis Cumberbatch noted several aggravating factors, which included the loss of life in avoidable circumstances, the introduction of a weapon when the deceased was unarmed, and the fact that the deceased sustained two stab wounds to the back in addition to the four in the front.

According to the judge, what was in the defendant’s favour was the early plea of guilt, the fact that this is Felix’s first offence, that he expressed remorse and that he was a prime candidate for rehabilitation.

Judge Cumberbatch further noted that the delay in resolving his case was a breach of Felix’s right to a speedy resolution, despite his being in custody since January 2011.

The benchmark sentence was set at 15 years with deductions of five years for the early guilty plea and three years for the delay in prosecution. As a result Felix will serve a total of seven years at the Bordelais Correctional Facility with credit for time served. He is also ordered to attend anger management sessions while incarcerated.

Felix was represented by attorney Leslie Mondesir.


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  1. The physco who did the evluation needs an evluation himself. A whole lot if grief in that case. He had a bad temper is enough to tell you he dam well knew what he was doing. His cousin cryed but that didnt stop him. Let big Brither used him as his woman lol.


  2. Unfortunately, this is how St. Lucians typically respond to such arrant injustice. Our inherent passivism serves to facilitate the government and decision makers who are charged with the responsibility to serve and protect the citizenry, and who has the power to change the legislation which is the underpinning cause of such injustice.
    History tells us that in order for there to be effective change, there must be a revolution of some kind, so are we going to passively articulate our dissatisfaction on an online-news-article which most law makers do not read or may read and careless to address the matter, or are we going to assertively and actively force the change that our country desperately needs?
    "If we don't stand for something, we will fall for everything"
    Further, Legislators must understand that in order to mitigate criminality, they must employ various preventative methods; one of which is behavior medication. Social scientist contends that people behavior is predicated on reward and punishment. For fear of punishment criminals will avert criminality, conversely in the absence of punishment criminals will continue engaging in criminal activities.
    Even the most ardent religious figure will agree that crime is inevitable because of human beings fallibility; however, we can mitigate crime should we implement the appropriate systems!
    How do we ensure that these systems are implemented? Surely not by doing the same things we have been doing for decades!


  3. so sad 7years for murder...7yrs for killing an unarmed man....NO JUSTICE SO THERE WONT EVER BE PEACE IN SLU.


  4. Wow! Seven years for killing ,wonder if the judge got some money or did the boy family did voodoo to convince the judge too.....crime gonna get worst


  5. Everything in st lucia is a joke The Government of St Lucia is the biggest joke, The Judges, The Jury, The Lawyers, The Police officers That's Just the basic ones for now cause If any body search this incident on line In my understanding my adorable, loving, kind, full of life Miguel Florent died immidiately after Kyle Felix stabbed him wounding him 6 times. I mean once is a mistake twice is a habit but six times u deserve a life sentence a criminal act a criminal heart on january 6th 2007 a day I will never forget For I use this very day of every year in remembrance of him. I don't understand how the system in St Lucia can be so flabby the story here is so wrong St.Lucia need help we the ppl need help we're dying here we need rescue too much dirty hands here instead of moving foward the country is lapsing


  6. I guss thats justice in lucian.And you wander why the island is in such bad state. the criminals knows that they can plea bargin for time served go finger its a joke with those lawyers a bottle of brandy and they will sweep the case under the rage its just plain out of control in St.Lucia.


  7. I just cannot understand that after putting our family through so much a man gets seven years in prison that's just so not fair and they believe saint lucia will change smh the justice system is soo poor and let's just leave it to god he will provide *sigh* touching smh


  8. Those sentencing guidelines make no sense. You get three years of a sentence for a case where you plead guilty 10 months later. Its no wonder those criminals kill so many people. The judges fear keeping them in prison. A man is stabbed four times in the front and twice in the back and the perpetrator gets a seven year sentence.


  9. Justice is a real joke. 7 years for the price of a man's life. No wonder St. Lucia the state it's in.


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