BREAKING NEWS: Serious accident on Millenium Highway

By SNO Staff

16295836_10154305027607686_145244285_nTwo people were injured tonight in a motor vehicle accident on the Millenium Highway, officials say.

The accident occurred after 10 p.m.

The Honda motor vehicle, with two males on board, reportedly ran off the road and uprooted a utility pole, officials say.

The occupants sustained serious injuries and were transported to hospital by ambulance, officials say. Their condition is unknown at this time.

The driver was trapped.

“We had to extricate him using cutting equipment,” a fire official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Another official told SNO that one of the men appeared have sustained “spinal” injuries because he complained of “not feeling his legs”.



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  1. It does not matter where you live in the world there is always crimes and accidents ect.not only in Saint Lucia maybe try reading about the positive things that are going on as well as the negative.

    • Totally agree with you. BUT if you want tourism in St Lucia then you need to make your island feel safer for people to walk around. Just spent 2 weeks on the island really beautiful. The capital looked very much a no go area. Saw drug addicts and prostitution not a pleasant sight during the day.

  2. Let the drivers kill themselves and cod can sort them out.

    Every dead one means one less careless loser that social assistance and welfare will be funding for life while they do their foolishness on the roads.

    They die and they do society a favour.

  3. It Isnt't Saint Lucia's Faults Those Niggas Keep Driving Crazy

  4. It wasn't your time I pray that god heal both of you and will keep y'all in my prayers.

  5. Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyylol. That is it scared! Don't you worry by February 1st you will no longer be scared!

  6. U all always complaining and when the government want to do something u all complain again

  7. I really don't know what Retard wrote this article. Our children read and speak the same nonsense they read. How in the world a vehicle can uproot a utility pole.Please check the meaning of words before you use to fit the appropriate sentence. Good luck with your writing.

  8. Better safe, than SORRY cuz pain ain't easy

  9. Uprooted a utility pole? So it doesn't take a genius to figure out that speed was a factor.The ever growing trend of being "the baddest driver on island" will never stop,but it always seems to stop with the help of our "Utility poles".

    I've heard many young individuals brag about "when I put it in 4th & take de corner eh" to their onlooking foolish friends who are willing to take a car (not theirs 80% of the time) to try the same nonsense.Well I'm hoping that I don't become a causality with their careless driving BUT until then I'll be an onlooker.

  10. Them holes fix it

  11. Wise up people , belzibob in the place trying to collect souls , hold it down LUCIAN's

  12. This is had to go out tonight my boyfriend is insisting we.go out,I told him hell go not going out there I rather death come catch me house to scary here in Lucia.


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