UPDATE: Three injured in John Compton Highway crash

UPDATE: Three injured in John Compton Highway crash


Three males were injured in an early morning crash on the John Compton Highway.

An emergency official said the incident occurred at about 6 a.m. Friday, close to the gas station.

One of the men reportedly sustained a leg injury, while the others had minor cuts and bruises on their bodies. They were all transported to the Victoria Hospital for treatment.

The men were travelling in a white vehicle, which reportedly ran off the road, destroying a few plants, and finally landing face down. There were major damages to the front of the vehicle.

The investigating officers from the Traffic Department are still in the fields, conducting their investigations.




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  1. How comes the guy in the car didn't back down & double clutch then pull the handbrakes to do a 360? I heard many Lucian drivers are also part time nascar drivers & part time "fast & furious" actors.


  2. I saw that with my two eyes this morning. The guy in the white car came down the highway with a speed,hitting the van in the rear. The driver of the van try to control to avoid hitting on coming vehicle and just enters the bush. So sad


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