Serieux family in St. Croix struck by tragedy after bodies of two minor boys found

Serieux family in St. Croix struck by tragedy after bodies of two minor boys found
HAPPY FAMILY: Jordan Serieux, 10, (left back) Jeremiah Serieux, 5, (middle) and Lyana Serieux, 24, pose during happier times on St. Croix.
Jordan Serieux, 10, (left back) Jeremiah Serieux, 5, (middle) and Lyana Serieux, 24, pose during happier times on St. Croix. Lyana had graduated with a bachelor of arts degree. * Photo credit: Virgin Islands Free Press

Horror has struck the St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands with the Serieux family which has ties to Saint Lucia, particularly in the south of the island.

The bodies of brothers, 10-year-old Jordan Serieux and 5-year-old Jeremiah Serieux, were found at the Ha’Penny Beach on Tuesday, August 1 at 11:35 a.m. by a landscaper, according to media reports. A police official described the bodies as “badly decomposed”

Police and community volunteers are searching for the boys’ mother, 24-year-old Lyana Serieux, who was last seen driving a 2011 Silver Toyota Yaris with her sons on Friday.

The Yaris was foundly badly burned on Monday evening, police said.

Lyana’s mother first reported her missing on Sunday after family members’ attempts to contact her proved futile.

Virgin Islands Police Department Chief Investigator Lieutenant Naomi Joseph said Lyana had filed a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend, but she later removed it, the Virgin Islands Consortium newspaper reported.

Asked about the boys’ father, Lt. Joseph said the children were registered as having none, the Consortium also reported.





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  1. A sad storyall around my condolences goes out to my family at this time I will not sit here n pretend we all lost our family member.and for the person or persons who carry out this act God have mercy on ur soul this was a coward act you carry out killing children


  2. why do people do this stuff to each other?,restraining order don't help if the intent is to kill,police are not going to stop it,it happens to quickly.


  3. This is sooook sad... I can't comprehend which human being does that??? May their souls rest in perfect peace. I praying for a miracle that mom is still alive..


  4. My goodness, what sort of monster kills children? The sadistic beast no not doubt also brutally murdered their mum. I hope that this despicable excuse for a human being is caught and receives the maximum sentence.

    What a sad and tragic story.


  5. I would like to know what happen to the father of those he a suspect, and if so ,,,has he been arrested and intorigated before he try to leave the island??? In most cases where a death has taken place....the next of kin is always, and i mean always the main suspect....until proven you police in st croix need to get off your asses and start an investigation...and not depend on the citizen of st croix to help you do your job........


    • Yes Yu are so rite. The police department on st.croix is a waste. That's exactly what they do nuting. I know some of them and they do not care about what goes on .on st.croix THEY DO Nuting. St.croix police department .waste


    • It's not the father's... one is away and the other lives on the island married to someone else... they're heartbroken over this tragedy because their sons were killed and they would never see them again... they do however have a person of interest.


  6. She never should have removed the restraining order against him. It should have been there for life. Removing the restraining order was an open gate. Has the ex been questioned.


  7. this story broke my heart look at these beautiful children.such a beautiful family . may their souls rest in peace and may the individual who did this never find peace not even after death.


  8. I live on st croix and this is the worst tragedy ever. .
    I know the family and I could not imagine what they're going through. ...RIP little ones


  9. You guys are not too smart thinking she's alive..she most likely died first and the kids were simply killed eliminating possible witnesses.


  10. This story breaks my heart. Beautiful children. Why hurt innocent children? If the ex is behind this he should have killed himself and let everyone else live.


  11. I feel so sad reading this,I'm so SICK of this madness poor babies what did they do to deserve this? I hope the mom is safe somewhere,to the monster who did this I hope you are caught and the law come down on you with a vengeance. Humanity has sunk to an all time low rot in hell.


  12. Lord Bless these little angels. Hope mom is okay. At 24, being a mother of a 10 yr old means, someone took advantage of her innocent , and above it all she still managed to accomplish. Prayers for the family.


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