Serial rapists on the loose, says Prime Minister Anthony

Serial rapists on the loose, says Prime Minister Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

In light of the increasing number of rape cases being reported, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony used the opportunity at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), meeting to speak out on the issue.

The Prime Minister said he strongly believes that there are serial rapists on Saint Lucia and said everything must be done to get them and have them face the full force of the law.

But the SLP political leader also expressed his displeasure with the current court system, where a victim is required to give evidence before a judge and jury in the full view of persons in the gallery.

He described it as dehumanizing and said he would like to see that it is changed, so that women who are victims of rape, do not have to go through that embarrassing phase each time.

“We do not subject men to that kind of torture,” Dr. Anthony asserted.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the need for the Police Force to establish a unit that will specifically deal with issues relating to rape and violence against women.

Police recently arrested a 27-year-old man for raping a 51-year-old woman at Mon Repos. The victim claims she was followed behind a pre-school where she went to urinate and was raped.

She also claims that she related the story to a police officer in the area after the incident had occurred, and he told her that he was off duty and refused to assist her.

The victim told this publication that she is depressed by the situation and would like to see her alleged attacker face the full force of the law, while explaining that he is old enough to be her child.


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  1. How does he know there's a serial rapist or rapists out there. Does he have is own pharisaic lab at home or he knows the guys personally? All the time things going on here you have nothing to say but as soon as it's women's week and you have a political meeting you have so much excitement and rage you talking all this an that. We the people aren't that stupid ok Kenny we deal with actions much more than talk and but yet action more than political talk to incite your supporters. If you had something of value to say about it you would have addressed the nation along time ago about all these rapes and acts of violence. So who you think you fooling.


  2. "In light of the increasing number of rape cases being reported, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony used the opportunity at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), meeting to speak out on the issue."

    Who was the PM speaking to at that forum? En Rouge.

    Ideal forum where he could not be questioned:
    Isn't there already a unit within the force to deal with such crimes?

    Then why are our criminal courts closed?

    Why is the forensic lab still closed?

    Why isn't the issue addressed by your National Security Minister?

    Why are there allegations of rapists in government, and have you initiated any attempts at investigating such allegations?

    Not a word, Not a word, Not a word.


  3. Every darn thing about SLP is about political manipulation of the very gullible in the society. How long has this spate of rapes going on? How comes it that suspicion has fallen on insiders in this very party, yet they were presented as worthy candidates to be elected?

    Do you believe that this SLP, with the litany of cases of brazen lies and questionable behaviour has any shred of credibility left?

    Put the whole of SLP morons out to pasture, 17 to nothing. Patriots don't vote for traitors. SLP call the darn elections. What is taking you so long?


  4. I agree with you that there is a serial rapist in St.Lucia and we all know who it is. He has been raping HELEN for almost 15 years . However this year we will put an end to this.



  5. I hope ur,ll kno them supporters on the comments is like SLP vs UWP.,..SLP get urll aces out aready.


  6. Fair Helen was raped by a corrupt diplomatic official and since then has subsequently been pimped again this time in the guise of CIP by the same rogue diplomat.!


  7. Wow wow wow. Coming from the party leader who welcomed a man into his party who had been accused of rape several times.

    I know this personally because I am one of the victims. Nasty lawyers.

    You disgusting.


  8. Talking about rapists, the SLP has the perpetual habit of raping Fair Helen and taking all she has and giving it to foreigners. In the meantime, she loses here good name and reputation. Now they want reward her pimps with safe seats in elective politics. Shameless.


  9. Wait, now who has been in power for 15 of the last 20 years? This is all platform political talk to once again fool the voting public. Remember the famous crocodile tears he shared at the swearing in event at the prime ministers residence and the better days chant. This man belongs in a theater.


  10. Why do we seem to blame the government for everything. How much time and effort do you/ me put into the community, attending meetings, offering to join groups that is educating the public on how to handle issues like these. We as humans have to go back to actively participating in our communities to ensure a better quality life. We all have to be more actively involved in community affairs to establish a safer and healthier environment and not rely solely on the government to solve all our problems. To the victims my heart reaches out to you. To the walking demons , rapists. You should never be allowed to see the light of the sun for the rest of your lives.


  11. Therefore, Mr. PM, you must re-open the Forensics Lab as soon as possible so that the required DNA analysis can be done on biological evidence gathered from rape incidents.


  12. National Security Minister cant talk cause this is a substative issue, not the regular run n of the mill b/s that hes used to discussing so he stays silent. All over the airways throwing his weight around but not discussing these elephants in the room. As for Mr. PM, theres a problem with the judiciary so fix it kind Sir. Arent you the Prime Minister.


  13. We grew up in a country where we expect the pot holes to be filled during the election year, politicians making empty promises, but now we have to deal with a ?leader? Politicizing the horror women have been facing year after year.
    It took an election year for KDA to dress up in red and act like this is a new situation in this country, to only now have a problem with our court system. ........ too embarrassing to continue talking about this. #pissed
    Am out.


  14. For credibility sake, someone in authority was needed to state what some people in the general public are saying that ‘there are serial rapists on the loose’. I certainly have said it. The Prime Minster Kenny Anthony now says it. Could the police have alerted the public to that fact that there are serial rapists in our midst but did not do so?

    Serial rapist on the loose is a wider social problem not just a political, technical or legal issue. A small island like St Lucia cannot be harbouring these perpetrators without other people’s collusion and silence. How many people who are appealed by this despicable act are prepared to share their suspicions with the police or shop a son, an uncle, a father or a lover? If families or friends do not act with courage or bravery when they suspect one of their own and do the right thing and report them, whatever the political complexion of the government the problem will grow like a cancer – unchecked!

    Please don’t shoot the messenger! Politician or the police cannot tackle evasive crimes like serial rape without collective support from its citizens.


    • But you are asking Saint Lucians to act as if bravery is part of our culture. Is it? Pappyshow is. Then we sing and dance, whilst skirting around our real disturbing problems. We turn every serious national issue into a flippant joke about people and family ties. The substantive issues are ignored.

      The chickens have come home to roost. We have an established pack of vagabond yesmen and nom-sans-gwenn, especially in the SLP --- both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the government.

      Saint Lucians are in part but largely the offspring of slaves who opted to hide their slave masters instead of running away claiming their dignity, freedom and independence. Can you imagine slaves hiding their tormentor?

      Where was their bravery in that? Then you have our aged dummies saying that they are happy to be stooges of other people. Like in the times of slavery, that is the same difference!

      Only populations acclimated to the acceptance of unbridled cruelty would have people, in this day and age communicating such tripe! Such utter drivel!

      Today, we are are paying for our conditioned immaturity, lack of principled stances on substantive matters and flippancy regarding national issues. The people we continue and habitually send to the House of Parliament are MOSTLY NOT up to the onerous task, of ever turning this sinking ship of state around. The RED Army of en rougenistas, led by the Castro copy-cat now in office, is just suited to be put to pasture and for good.


  15. You want the police to establish a unit that will specifically deal with issues dealing with rape and violence against women, and the next thing we will hear is that there is a hit list of serial rapists,


  16. But Kenny have you forgotten that you have 2 individuals in your party that were accused of rape?
    Whatever happened to those cases? The same judicial system you are talking about; nothing became of those cases. SMFH


    • Yes they are the ones making laws for ST Lucia. Sometimes we wonder why we have so much crime in this country. Not guilty in the eyes of the people, guilty in the eyes of God. God is not sleeping.


  17. smh like rick said pissing in your eye and call it rain .. there is a serial rapist or you have an idiot in charge of national security , and just maybe we have limited resources thanks to your government priorities being roads and accommodating foreigners .Please Mr prime minister if you showed your passion about fighting rape like you shown for fighting juffali's case i guarantee you that we will be in a better position where rape is concern .


  18. It is alleged that there's also one on a neighbouring island in one of the top positions in that country.


  19. 'I'm trying some ting or dee other. Hey! It is like the weather. Even the PM has come to talk about it, but at the same time doing sweet nothing about it. SLP pack up! Go to hell with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Your government is in power and you are disappointed with the courts!. damn shame KDA, for about a year now rapes are being reported and is on the political platform the citizens have to find out that there are serial rapists on the loose.
    What is your minister of national security doing about this to ensure the safety of women on this island?
    I am guessing collecting a paycheck monthly with all the perks and benefits at the expense of the people that should be protected.

    You guys so need a wake up call out of power!.


    • what do's it take to throw this antiquated court system over board. Are we a independent nation or not???


  21. I am sorry Prime Minister, these issues are not new, you have been in power for almost 14 years so how comes you never did anything about them. If you know that there are serial rapists running around then why have you not instructed the police to do anything about it?


  22. Has the Minister of National INsecurity lost the power of speech? Or, has that person been relieved of his duties?


  23. And still you guys are dead set against the idea of a rapist's register. Why? Besides the shady reasons porported is there a hidden agenda to willfully distract the public?


    • maybe the reason they are against it because some people in their party might be on the list


  24. Elections bluff talk.
    Dr. Anthony long know the court system under his administration has failed. One criminal court and one criminal judge. The court house still closed for repairs.

    He should know the police already long have a special unit to deal wirh rapes and sexual assault so what mate saying.

    He should know he long ago have an inept and sleepy minister of natioNal security but fails to fire him.

    Dr. Anthony must know the police are undermanned and under resourced for years now. Has Dr. Anthony forgotten the police begging for a lab to test rape cases. It there shut down.

    Elections coming so Kenny trying something