Sensitization sessions for fire service on coronavirus

Sensitization sessions for fire service on coronavirus

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Health and Wellness is working closely with the Saint Lucia Fire Service to ensure awareness and sensitization on ways to manage and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Emergency medical technicians EMTs and fire responders around the island were granted the opportunity to strengthen their capacity on ways to effectively control the spread of coronavirus through a sensitization workshop held recently.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Glensford Joseph says the Department of Health and Wellness is dedicated to ensuring that the EMT and fire responders take the necessary precautionary measures in the event of a possible case of coronavirus.

“The Ministry of Health must have collaboration with key stakeholders including Fire Service and for this reason we are here conducting this sensitization training with the firemen. As we know they are on the front line when there is a call to pick up a patient with certain symptoms and may very well be asked to pick up someone with a respiratory illness and a fever and so we have to let them know the precautionary measures, the signs and symptoms of the condition and how they can protect themselves, their family and the nation as a whole.”

Emergency Medical Service EMS Coordinator Ireneus Henry says he is very pleased with the training as it will equip the EMTs and fire responders with knowledge on how to treat any possible case of the coronavirus.

“The information was welcomed, the recruits asked several questions and when you do have outbreaks and other things of this nature, the collaboration helps since the EMTs are the first in line contact person because they are initially the one who does the treatment and transport to the health facilities. So, usually they are the first contact. When we have an outbreak they are usually the ones affected and if they are not cautious in the way they present themselves then they can become infected and also pose their family and other persons at risk so the program is very important that they were sensitized as to how to protect themselves, how to approach a patient who they think may have the illness.”

The Department of Health & Wellness encourages Saint Lucians to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from the coronavirus.


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