Sensei Smith conducts St. Lucia workshop

Sensei Smith conducts St. Lucia workshop

31fe7177-f578-4fe1-8bdb-6b72501c3759PRESS RELEASE – Sensei Michael Smith, tournament Director for the Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF) and head instructor for Mike Martial Arts Academy from Trinidad and Tobago, while holidaying in St. Lucia, conducted a two-day technical martial arts workshop at the Blue Dragon Karate Academy (BDKA).

BDKA members were very impressed with Sensei Smith and expects to invite him back.

Head of BDKA is Sensei Clery, who is the World United Karate Organization ( WUKO) head in St Lucia and the Chief Instructor of BDKA Sensei Jeremiah Charles, along with members, thank Sensei Smith for his two-day workshop and wish him a safe flight back home with all God’s blessings.


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