Senior citizens to undertake driving tests

Senior citizens to undertake driving tests
Driving tests for senior citizens: The issue has stimulated much debate and controversy among some members of the society.

The Ministry of Transport is continuing to take the necessary steps to ensure greater public safety on the islands roads by implementing driving tests for citizens above 65 years old.

The issue has stimulated much debate and controversy among some members of the society.

In clarifying the matter, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Sailas Wilson, explained that driving tests for senior citizens is in accordance with the country`s laws.

“Given the need for the Ministry of Transport to enforce the provisions of existing legislations, which co-incidentally have been on our law books for decades, now the ministry has taken the decision to enforce the legislation. The main aim is to ensure greater public safety and concern for all road users and motorists,” Wilson explained.

The driving test for citizens above the age of 65 costs $50 and these drivers must schedule a booking with the Ministry of Transport.

The executive assistant said testing on dual pedals for senior citizens is not a requirement of the law.

“Well we are aware that there has been some agitation by some senior citizens to the provisions, but the ministry is obligated to do what is required by the law, and we hope that we shall get full compliance and support from senior citizens in ensuring that we do what is required by the law,” Wilson said.

Driving tests for senior citizens is legislated by the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act of December 31, 2006.

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  1. Since the goal should be to improve the quality of drivers on the road, the government should consider the following modification.

    Any senior citizen driver who passes the driving test on their first attempt gets the $50 driving exam refunded as a credit for their license renewal. If they fail the test on the first attempt then they have a 2nd attempt where they need to pay another $50 driving exam fee which is not refunded if they pass on the 2nd attempt. If they fail both attempts then they need to complete the whole process again.

    This should also apply to a random selection of non-senior drivers as well.


  2. most old people are fine drivers but other are down right crazy drivers. this is needed and its just a little driving test its not like they asking them to climb the pitons.there is no debate here most people over 65 don't even know the new rules of the road this is just needed for safety


  3. lol. the person said the legislation was on the books for decades.....yet at the end of the article it says it was there since 2006. if we as a people don't do our own research politicians takin all of us for fools.


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