Senator Raymond should be the next to resign – SLP

Senator Raymond should be the next to resign – SLP

With the July 12 resignation of government minister Jimmy Henry still fresh in the minds of Saint Lucians, renewed called are being made for the same for Senator Ubaldus Raymond, who was at the centre of a nude photo scandal in January this year.

Raymond had defended his credibility when the photos allegedly belonging to him, were shared on social media. He dismissed those claims and said at a news conference on January 13 that he was blackmailed.

Subsequently, 18-year-old Kershel Louis was charged with aiding and abetting blackmail in relation to the scandal.

At a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) press conference on Thursday (July 13), SLP leader Philip J. Pierre said every political party and government should set standards to oversee the behaviour of their officials and if they fall short, they should be required to leave office.

He said that apart from the legal ramifications, ethics should also be seriously considered.

“[People say] ‘oh, you all accuse people of corruption and you all didn’t arrest anybody’. It’s not a matter of arresting anybody, it’s a matter of being ethical. It’s a matter of stopping conflict of interest… It was unethical and it was immoral and sometimes in the politics of Saint Lucia and in public life we must begin now to deal with a lot more ethics. So if you do something that’s immoral then you should do the wise thing and leave government,” he said.

Pierre said that no SLP official would remain in government if there was such a scandal involving them.

“The leadership of the country [and] the political party must set standards. None of the men in our party, if they have ever found themselves committing these transgressions [and] that can be proved, they will not remain in our government. I can assure you of that,” he stated.

Pierre drove his point by highlighting the resignation of Soufriere MP Walter Francois during the SLP’s reign.

“When there was a minister who missed his PHD by just one course and he was asked to resign. That wasn’t anything illegal he did but it was a matter of ethics,” Pierre said.

Since the scandal, many have called for Raymond’s resignation via social media groups and blogs.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, making his first public comments on the matter, had said Raymond did the right thing in making a report to the police.

Despite the continued public outcry against the senator’s continued presence in government, Chastanet refused to take any action, stating that everyone should await the outcome of the court case.


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  1. If he cannot resign on PRINCIPAL then he ought to resign on SIZE.....rumour suggest that it was made for small hands.....pas mewn ki di !!!!


    [1] Vote up for if you think he should resign on principle
    [2] Vote down if you think he should resign based on size
    [3] else be an accomplice and DO Nothing

    Ha ha ha ha......


  2. I wonder if the excuses and abandonment of morality would have been the same had it been Belrose, Mary or Gale. I have no doubt they would be called every name under the sun. The one's in staunch defence are the one's lambasting and questioning the women's morality and mode of dress during Carnival.....they bawl and act outraged when the children participate in porn movies.

    No wonder you turn a blind eye when the men/women touch your little boys and girls.....well let us just sweep it under the yellow carpets....oh did I say that? Let just say the red carpet instead....ah just choose your preference!!!!

    Pssst!! but the children are aware of the double standards....deep down they know the country a'int have no principal[principle].


  3. The guy doesn't have a big belly. He is tall and slim. Whoever is complaining of the guy is the guilty one. Check his belly ???papishow. Respect the man


  4. "Class is hard class but if you're a pretty girl he'll definitely hook you up!"


  5. Pierre is shameless. Walter resigned butyou were at the meeging in Soufriere shortly there where both you and Kenny praised all kept him as CEO at the SRF.and allowed him to milk the district.


  6. Yes, today you all saying Raymond should have resign. But you sat pretty with Claudius, Lorne and the speaker for five years.


    • Leave the Speaker out of this because the person being referred to was not Speaker in 1981, when the alleged incident happened. In any event, that person resigned in order to focus on his main job, since the Speakership was only part time. But he resigned anyway, so why lump him with the others. Furthermore, the individual had already served as Speaker for one term, and was into his second term as Speaker when he was accused. By that time, twenty-one years had passed. Yes, 21 years. It's not like it was something that was alleged to have happened while the man was serving as Speaker ! So take 1981 as your base year, consider the Speaker's resignation in 2003, and see if up to now this Speaker thing still makes sense. Enjoy your life and pray that no one tells a lie on you, that is already 21 years old. And thank God the person being referred to was never even questioned by the police, farless arrested and charged like some others were.


  7. Mate should go. Every time he talks or does business for the Government, he EXPOSES Party & Government to more ridicule, contempt & disappointment.


  8. Saint Lucian's are too DOUBLE STANDARD, All those who thinks Mr Raymond should resign are the same ones who cheat on their wives and send NUDE photos to women...And to Quote DID HILARIE OVER JUFALLI??? DID KENNY RESIGN OVER ROCHAMEL??????? NO NO NO!!!!!!!


  9. Its obvious that Dr. Ubaldus was framed and the picture photo-shopped. But just in case all this was true...Neither Hillaire, Pip or Alva winning any election in St. Lucia. What you people need to do is get your Audi Payments up and disassociate with Richard. Flambeau is waiting for you people to get close enough to him that some of you get picked up with him in the dragnet brought on the by US, when their Navy ship comes to get him with helicopters. They didnt come for him in 2006 when you people promised him on a platter only to find out that he has your files too.The point is that the labour party is a bunch of power hungry suckers who now cant pay their bills since Chas unplugging y'all from the country's tities left and right.


      • These HOES like man money...then they play victim...continue talking your sicko sh--...


        • The young lady is no how. Mate is a Dirty Old Man. He should not allowed near young people.


    • Audi Driving Labour Supporter it's obvious that you are too stupid to realize that Chas don't want you or any locals to strive in this country. The only one he cares for his his foreign friends rich or poor as long you are a foreigner you are welcome. What will it take for you to see your damass is being push out.


    • Exactly. Too many unelected cling-ons attached to the gravy train. All the more reason why keeping the dirty ones does the Government more harm than good


  10. It is obvious customer is more powerful that the membership of the party otherwise this ballbearing would have replaced by now because it is knocked. In any other country he would have been long gone. Visiting a prostitute is enough to have you sacked by the BBC much less the scenario this man Raymond is embroiled in. Shame on him but then again its obvious he has no shame


    • Whoever you are your intelligence is beyond your knowledge that mean you lack both. Prostitution is illegal. The man has done nothing illegal do if this is your argument for him to resign you have no basis


      • Get your facts right. Prostitution is not illegal in England. There are escorts and brothels operating openly in England. What is illegal is the street activity like kerb crawling. Research it if you like. Raymond is embroiled in a scandalous affair. Whereas He has committed no crime who wants his/her nakedness paraded in public? Are you sure this man is not being pushed around by the rank and file of the party just because he is now beholden to them? He has his own poor judgement to blame for his predicament. The man should do the descent thing and resign.


    • What happened to jufalli and rochamel? Whats the exact truth? Man research before you talk and make yourself look and sound ignorant.


    • Are you saying that one wickedness justifies another? Of course you are. Keep away from that method ok f justifying politicians and public servants. It is very shallow thinking. With that frame of mind, the society will get corrupt to the core before next elections.


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