Senator proposes reduction in remands among measures to help reduce deficit

Senator proposes reduction in remands among measures to help reduce deficit
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Reducing the number of remands at the Bordelais Correctional Facility, increasing traffic speeding fines and imposing more penalties against littering are some of the measures Independent Senator Dr. Stephen King has recommended to government to lessen the country’s fiscal gap.

According to information he provided during his presentation on the 2014/15 budget at a meeting of the Senate on Thursday, May 22, the Bordelais Correctional Facility has 639 inmates, with 237 men serving sentences, as well as 387 men and 12 women on remand.

“That is wrong and that needs to be addressed,” he said while highlighting that the cost of maintaining one prisoner at the facility for a year is estimated to be $19,000.

“So our remands are costing us money when they could be out earning money. [and] looking after their families rather than us paying for them to be housed in Bordelais. It’s not a great house, by the way. I can tell you it’s not a pleasant place to be. But still it’s better to have them out working than in there at $19,000 per person,” he remarked.

“Let us get people out of remand and let us only put people in prison, really and truly, who are dangerous to themselves and to others. Let us Let us look at how we are approaching this whole remand and incarceration approach.

With reference to increasing fines for speeding, Dr. King said, “I saw the present revenue from fees and fines was $3-million. Let’s increase fines, increase law enforcement. Let us stop the speeding that are killing people and fine people who are speeding in our country. We would make good money there. [If they are] driving under the influence, let us fine them. [Those] who are drunk or for that matter, using marijuana and driving or whatever other drugs.”

In addition to this, Dr. King proposed the implementation of a second criminal court, a new judge, along with a master to do case management.

He further suggested that this new facility, the forensic mortuary and a base for crime officers, be housed at Golden Hope.

The independent senator moreover, said that alternative sentencing, should be taken on stream.

During his presentation, he made a number of other proposals which he believes will help reduce the country’s fiscal deficit in various other ministries including education and health – all in the aim of making them more productive and cost effective.


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  1. The medicine, doctor is worse than the sickness. Are you advocating having a revolving door for criminals now?


    • Frances I think that you missed the point. He just brought proposals forward to improve the economy and besides a revolving door is not too expensive.


  2. Though i may agree with some of Dr. King's statements, there must be caution went dealing with remands. Who those Dr. King expect to be left in public. The same thieves persons do not want, the same persons who have commited sexual crimes, the same persons... and you can go on and on. There are persons in there for the same offences ... what do you do. In my opinion, persons in there fore child support violations should only be left in public to work and take care of their children. Also who will monitor those persons left in public, the same police force who are under manned and under equiped? Or the country has to employ more probation officers. With the same money we say we do not have. This needs more discussion. Vat on alcohol, on smokes. More money into our local industries especially farming. Buy local, eat local more and limit foriegn foods which are not truely health in the first place.


    • Bear in mind that persons on remand have not been proven guilty as yet. What he is saying that we need to do is to hasten the court process so as to lessen the numbers on remand. This will either increase the population of convicts or let them free if found not guilty but the population on remand will decrease. There are persons on remand for years. If you have a case against them take it to court. If not let the persons go.


  3. And please the fines allow flexible payment plans or else they will be back in the same place when they can't pay it.


  4. Was thinking the same before Dr king made this statement we can't continue to feed these guy while they could be out working especially those who are there child support


  5. Hey doc. How about reducing the cost of visiting you and your buddies. People get sick all the time and it is inevitable that money is spent on healthcare. Yup, money that goes into your pocket. If you take a little less, wouldn't I have a bit more to take care of my family. Send my child to a better school. They get a decent job. No need for him to turn to crime. Society benefits as a whole.

    The problem is people like you who come under this pre tense of having brilliant ideas to solve society's problems. You need to realise that if people like you take a little less, pay your staff better, donate more to worthy causes, as opposed to gouging us for your services then this is how society truly benefits.

    That's interesting coming from a shareholder of a FOR PROFIT Tapion Hospital.


  6. Excellent ideas, Dr.King. Why can't the honorables come up with ideas like that instead of spending time making refeences to the bible that do not create jobs, reduce the deficit, etc. Let's get a breakdown of the reasons they're at Bordelais. Petty/non-violent crimes - let them payback society by doing some public or even private service (the latter pays the government perhaps 50% of earnings).


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