Senator Joachim Henry blasts Minister Guy Joseph of having low approach to governance

By SNO Staff

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Joachim Henry (left) and Guy Joseph

(SNO) — Senator Joachim Henry has accused Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph of having a low approach to governance and has only created turmoil during his time in politics.

In the latest in a war of words between the two politicians, he called on the minister to stop his confrontational ways.

Recently, Joseph also accused the opposition and other entities of trying to stall efforts by the government to rehabilitate the justice system in Saint Lucia.

But according to Henry, Joseph does not have a high approach to politics.

“The attempt by Guy Joseph to try to smear what he knows very well to be his approach to governance is really low,” he said. “I can say that I am extremely proud of what I have done under my company.”

He also called on Joseph to stop what he said is divisive and confrontational ways.

“Guy’s time in politics has done nothing but create turmoil, you know, distrust between politicians and the public, and he continues to pave that way,” Henry stated.

He said the Allen Chastanent government, which Guy belongs to, has not responded to matters such as the evaluation of the stadium.

“Immediately after they won the election, they evaluated the stadium, and paid fees for over 200,000 or approximately thereabout for a service that would have cost about 10,000, they have not responded to that,” he remarked.

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