Senator calls for medical training in Saint Lucia

Senator calls for medical training in Saint Lucia
Indepedent Senator Stephen King
Senator King

Hon. Sen. Dr. Stephen King has proposed the introduction of a primary care training program in Saint Lucia, in partnership with locally-based medical schools.

The proposal was made at last Thursday’s senate sitting, where Dr. King demonstrated the immense value to Saint Lucia of having trained locals in primary healthcare.

“I believe that Saint Lucia can fully train primary care doctors who are able to perform at international standards, and who are accredited to work and are able to be licensed in the United States. It demands negotiation from our government, but I think there is wonderful opportunity here.”

According to Sen. King, such training will allow for a public-private sector partnership which promotes medical education tourism at the highest level.

Leader of Government Business and Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security, Hon. Senator Victor La Corbiniere supported the concept. He noted that Vieux-Fort is a designated “university town” and said that steps are being made to strengthen partnerships with Saint Lucia based medical schools and institutions.

“One of the things that will be happening very soon, which the House and the Senate will have to consider, is that we are preparing legislation on the issue of licensing and regulating medical schools. We will also be providing incentives to enable the appropriate schools to come to Saint Lucia and develop the standard of medical institutions that we need to develop,” he said.

Saint Lucia is home to five medical universities: Spartan Health Sciences University, International American University College of Medicine and St. Helen University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Vieux Fort, and American International Medical University and Atlantic University School Of Medicine, in the north.


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  1. Evrybody is lauding Dr King as to his vision and intelligence, they why don't they castigate and demand from the PM information on the Loan Garantee for UWI. Is it because of the assumption that kenny is brighter than Dr. King? Or is it because we want our political party to live while we die? Pure stupidity in St. Lucians. Do Whats Right for your children.


    • Such a petty comment! Don't see the relevance. The point is it is being discussed with hopes of it happening. the intelligence of either men is not up for debate here..

      Why you gotta be all political and sh*t? And please stop calling Lucians stupid. I take it you fall into that category too cus you are one?

      The point


  2. This is easier said than done, look at the list of opportunities for grants and bursaries that the government offers. Medicine is not on the list if you want to do it in St. Lucia, there are opportunities to do it in Taiwan and Cuba, but if you want to do it in St. Lucia, short of a student loan which is next to impossible to get if you don't have any form of collateral to put down, it all has to come from your own pocket and these medical schools are expensive. It would be nice if the government would help out the medical students rather than just show up at their functions, maybe then some would stay on the island after getting their qualifications.


  3. Dr. King, we need people like you with a vision to lead this country.
    I've been advocating this in my private abode for some-time now.


  4. I think this is good. Hope we can see some movement on this. But it is interesting that GIS is so keen to carry a story on Dr King's statements on this in the senate. Many of his past contributions have been critical of government's health and social policies (e.g. VAT on medication). Did GIS ever do press releases on those? Also good to see that La Cobiniere is saying something, although not related to his ministerial portfolio. Perhaps one day he will actually say something about his proposals to address St Lucia's crime situation.


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