Senate approves Citizenship by Investment; La Corbiniere says it will boost economy

Senate approves Citizenship by Investment; La Corbiniere says it will boost economy
Minister La Corbiniere
Minister La Corbiniere
Minister La Corbiniere

GIS – The Citizenship by Investment bill received the Senate’s nod of approval on Tuesday.

Leader of Government Business and Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security, Sen. Hon. Victor Phillip La Corbiniere, welcomed the bill, which he said will boost Saint Lucia’s economy.

“We know that the Citizenship by Investment program has the potential to generate significant sums of money, and it is important particularly at this time—in terms of the economic realities of the world and economic realities of Saint Lucia—to look at various modalities such as this to raise the requisite revenue,” he said.

Sen. La Corbiniere said the government should remain vigilant with regards to the Citizenship by Investment Program, especially within a climate of constantly evolving regional and global trends.

“We cannot sit back as other countries participate in this process,” he added. “We must be at the forefront of it, both locally and at the international level. I would suggest perhaps that down the line, it may well be that countries in the Caribbean that have citizenship by investment programs may want to look at coming together in some kind of standing committee. Perhaps a standing committee of CARICOM to keep this matter under constant examination and to be able to keep the government properly advised on developments taking place in this area, and how we need to be proactive in addressing some of these issues.”

The Minister also made note that a board will be established to deal with matters related to the Citizenship by Investment Program.


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  1. Given the current nature of our society, I am not convinced that we have the necessary structures in place to ensure that undesirable characters such money launderers and others with criminal intent, do not become citizens of our country.

    The Lambird's Academy fiasco is our latest example.

    Even if there are structures, too many of our officials, at all levels, are willing to accept bribes, and engage in unethical behaviour of one form or another!
    I think we have just opened another 'Pandora's Box' in our country!!


  2. Why are we waiting for elections to kick them boys out. It will be too late lets organise our own protest against that legislation. We arenin big trouble. These labour boys are money hungry. They are sick and we st.lucians are proving to be dumb. This means that Maduro can now be a citizen of st.lucia by investing on behalf of venezula. God help us.


  3. For twenty-one pieces of silver. The slaves were sold now the land is for sale. Traitors !! Sell-outs !!


  4. No one learnt from the Lambirds scandal. Syrians for decades have been investing in St. LUCIA and there never was a needs for this program. Who are these entitled set of greedy, egotistical bastards, i hope its not the set that spread diseases for a profit if its them bewarned Lucians they not coming to invest but to rob everybody out of their minds. Oh Helen when will your children stand for you dear mother!


  5. LA Cobb you should be tried for treason selling your country . the reason you have so much brains us because you don't use it dumb--


  6. St Lucia the biggest prostitute in the Caribbean no wonder we will never be taken seriously in the world we can't stand for nothing we might as well lay down for anything


  7. Sir John would never stoop so low. Kenny when in opposition said he will write to investors and ask them not to invest here. Now under that same Kenny we now have to sell our sovereignty. Our system is corrupt to the core. How are we going to monitor all these corrupt investors? Think they gonna feel right at home here.
    St. Lucia remember Rochamel, Grynberg, lambirds.

    Bitter days are here.


  8. Economic citizenship!!!!. Essentially a wealthy non English speaker, criminal or not, can become citizen. This amounts to prostitution of our citizenship. No wonder countries like Canada and UK require St Lucia to sit the IELTS exam to prove our English language profiency, although this is our first language.


  9. More like boost you pocket ! St Lucia and St Lucians will never benefit from this Money the lawyer girl stole money in SVD so she and her passport selling friend can go Dubai to enjoy the same passport money that Lucia so desperately run after hasn't helped our economy


  10. If ever there was a dim-witted idea, this is it. I am saddened that home is becoming what is being forced upon it. Look! If the authorities were unable to identify a t’ABC school scandal like Lambirds Academy, how can they detect university level type crooks? Those idiots are not remotely equipped to sort out international shenanigans. The potential grief and embarrassment is just not worth it. It is evident that the party has ran out of ideas. Even if they will be getting intelligence from an outside agency, they simply do not have the equipment and resources that’s needed for round the clock surveillance. La Corbs is a total freaking disaster. His anti-gang thingy is just another big bust. He can’t even catch the guys from Morne du Don.


  11. So you all are proposing that HELEN suddenly be transformed as a JAMET, selling her birthright for a couple of Bucks, and the pimps are standing by for their cut.
    La Corbs, I never thought St. Lucia would stoop so low. Anything for a quick Buck.


  12. The citizenship for investment is a good program, but we lack the resources to investigate every person who comes in with a million dollars and claims that it is for investment. The authoritative bodies have made mistakes in the past like Lambirds; hope that they have learned from the mistakes and put measures in place to protect our lands, people and the good old fair name "Helen of the West"


  13. Most of these colonial plantation accidents in office today are as wise as Bram de Bram. Yet, all wet behind the ears, they are making far-reaching decisions that they themselves lack the mental and cognitive capacities to ever understand! Too many Saint Lucians believe like gospel, that a degree automatically prepares you to make these far-reaching decisions for everybody, when some of those who make some of our decisions for us, have not yet even been voted into power or office. Nor do they have the heft needed to understand, analyze or synthesize any of the issues facing this country. We will continue to pay for our collective low-information processing ignorance of having some very confused smiling bozos in leadership positions who cannot understand, and far less explain the issues select their types and place them in positions of authority. A debilitating hot bed of political and economic prostitutes that is what they are hell bent on turning this god-forsaken country into, at each and every turn. A pathetic dumb electorate in turn cheers, as in an orgasmic climax, en rouge!




  15. what is this thing about are they saying an investor who has business invested in st lucia will be granted citizenship based on that investment


  16. These F-- Boys! I see you guys following in the footsteps of Roosevelt Skerritt. Selling our passports for a coin! Shameless as all hell. DIsgusting. Labour party turns the most unscrupulous acts and shrouds it under the guise of economical gain. We are gonna hand out residency to some of the most crude business men all for a coin. SHAMELESS! You dumb -- Lucians better wake the hell up.


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