SEDU’s graduates challenged to use new skills

SEDU’s graduates challenged to use new skills

A challenge is being sent out by the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development and Consumer Affairs for individuals to make full use of recently acquired skills.

Following the recent graduation of 75 individuals from the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU), the ministry is advocating for persons to make greater use of their expertise.

Speaking to the 2013 graduates, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Titus Preville, issued the challenge stating that newly attained skills are more than certificates hung on a wall.

“I therefore charge each one of you with this mandate, that you do not simply cast aside your newly attained knowledge and skills. Do not simply rack it up as another notch under your belt, or another certificate to hang on your wall. Instead I challenge you to now go forward and use what you have learned; implement your new skills and new ideas towards the benefit of your organizations, your businesses and your careers,” Preville said.

Graduates were also encouraged to employ the knowledge gained in making Saint Lucia a better place with a stronger economy and promising future.

Preville reaffirmed the government’s commitment to developing the private sector with all stakeholders.

“We are dedicated to continually evolving the landscape of our commercial sector and empowering our people in the vision of developing a stronger economy. Notwithstanding,  government cannot on its own create successful businesses. It is folly to think that government can do that. In fact the task is really left to you. What we can do, that is government, is to create and sustain an enabling environment for small businesses that will provide our entrepreneurs every opportunity to achieve maximum success on the global stage,” Preville said.

While acknowledging there would be challenges, the permanent secretary encouraged graduates not be deterred and to continue to sacrifice in order to implement necessary change.


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