Security officer succumbs to gunshot wounds – homicide #35

Security officer succumbs to gunshot wounds – homicide #35
The security officer who was shot in the armed robbery.
The security officer who was shot in the armed robbery.

(PRESS RELEASE) – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Urias Dwight Compton, a forty two (42) year old resident of Corinth, Gros Islet.

Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Castries, received a report of a shooting, at Choc, Castries, about 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

The incident took place in the vicinity of Caribbean Cinemas Complex.

It is reported that Urias Compton, an on duty security officer, sustained gunshot injuries during a robbery by two masked assailants armed with firearms.

An armed civilian who was in close proximity responded and an exchange of gunfire ensued between the assailants and the citizen, during which time, one of the suspects is believed to have sustained gunshot wounds. Both suspects subsequently fled the scene of the incident.

Urias Compton was later conveyed to the Victoria Hospital via ambulance, where he was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner about 10:20 p.m.

A post mortem examination will be scheduled for a later date.

Investigations into this matter are continuing.

This is the thirty fifth homicide recorded for the year 2017.


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  1. This man died doing something he loved, Security work and we must respect him for that. It is for this government and the head of security in St.Lucia to device a plan to protect it's citizens . This is by far our number one problem on this island. Without peace and quiet we are nothing . All this can be achieve without breaking the laws of this land.


    • Most security workers work for chump change,in this economical crises ppl take course to just about any port for a storm job especially what made you believe he died doing something he loves?even alot of policemen dont join the force on the merit to serve and protect the ppl but for the mare fact of a salary which inturn are easily persuade into corruption.


  2. Human rights what if ishe is a victim she will understand kill the bastards and when they die people come on social media and say gone too soon they need to go very soon I feel it for the family and when they catch the bastard if they do government will have him getting fat off our money even the judge need to steep up they take to long


  3. It's time armed security officers get a better salary because look how the man lost his life is your life we are rising everyday we leave our home


  4. It's time armed security officers get a better salary because look how the man lost his life is your life we are rising everyday we leave our home


  5. May you Rest In Eternal Peace.

    Where or what is the plan to curb the enclosed "PROJECTION"

    35/9*12=46.6 - 47 Homicides for 2017


  6. I need to hear from Hermangil . What is he doing to help curb the alarming rate of crime on the island? With his experience I have not seen any changes.


  7. Please people, Mary Francis is only interedted in human rights when it's a cop that kills a civilian. That's not IMPACT so you wonr hear her voice.


  8. What does Mary Francis have to say about the Human Rights of the security officer who was killed? As usual, she will never say anything. May he Rest In Peace.


  9. Minister for homeland security, Hismangil where are you? What have you done to curb the crime situation in st. lucia. I am disappointed in you. I was expecting better from you , especially with all the police experience you have


  10. I read this news with a heavy heart as well as disgust. Urias did not have to die like this. This death is one death too many.

    Right now, I have lost faith in the leaders of this country. I have lost faith in the opposition. I have lost faith in law enforcement. I have lost faith in my country. Why do we sit idly by and watch our brothers and sisters die innocently?

    Why do we turn a blind eye to the importance of the human right to life that this law abiding citizen had? Why do we pretend we care about our country and are doing NOTHING to get the guns and GOOD-for-NOTHINGs off the street?

    The criminals are taking over this country. Soon, there will be no tourism- ZERO.

    We only talk about crime around election time while gullible supporters drink all that junk that is fed to them. ENOUGH talking. Urias did not have to lose his life like this. He was NO animal. The ANIMAL is on the loose, and when we catch him, if at all, we CANNOT bring back Urias' life.

    One day the leaders and those in a position to make a difference in this country WILL WANT to do something about this situation. But that day will be one day TOO LATE - by then, those criminals would have invaded their homes, robbed their daughters of their innocence; violated their wives and mothers; put a bullet through their sons; land a knife through their husbands; collapse the hotels and businesses that depend on tourism; Ha - one day, it may hit home. It has hit home for many of us and the pain has been nauseating and excruciating.

    No one needs you leaders to shake our hands and say sorry after the fact. DON'T SHAKE MY HAND. DON'T APOLOGISE! Such hypocrisy has to stop. Each side of the fence is busy digging dirt on the other side to store some low political points. What have either of you done to improve safety of St. Lucians?

    I must say that under Vernon Francois, our police really tried. Instead, they were given a slap in the face all because people tried to score some political points.

    Go ahead...continue your GUTTER MAYPWEE politics. In the meantime, WE WILL CONTINUE TO DIE LIKE FLIES.


  11. Sometimes it is better to comply with their request than to play hero. Im pretty sure the cash was insured.


  12. Dirty rotten f#ck'in niggers, Making the country I love so not safe. Roast in hell bastards. Enough. Time to start hanging these out of control baboons!


    • When you have a country which is rotting at the head. What do we aspect??? Those criminals listen daily to the numerous reports of high ranking public officials openly "STEALING" public funds. Administration after Administration what are they left to do.

      The fish rots at the head...when a Minister can say" if I have to do a crime I will do it myself and not pay people to do it" what are the non-logical thinking criminals are suppose to do. They will feel empowered to operate within cause.

      A criminal is caught with a firearm... charged $10,000 and is on bail. How will he stay out of jail? His best next option is to rob the vulnerable. In the age of technology there should be some sort of tracking device placed on those criminals to ensure they do not get involved in other crimes out of necessity. Because believe it or not we shout when a crime like the unfortunate killing of the guard occurs. But the holistic view of this crimes stems from a broken society with no programs in place to rid or cub our social ills.

      Thank you


  13. Let me hear it now. Where the human rights lawyer. If it were a police officer who did this. I'd definitely see much more comments here. My condolences to the family


    • How many times would you be taught that Human Rights is concerned with rights between the citizen and government/police? It has nothing to do with the rights between two citizens. The State is singled out because they control the wheels of the investigation (police), the prosecution (DPP), the judiciary (Judges) and the penal system (Bordelaise). So they have all at their disposal to infringe on the rights of an individual. That's why Human Rights organizations monitor them.

      I really think you need to educate yourself about it and stop making St. Lucians look ignorant. If you have an issue with crime take it up with all the parties I have listed above. According to the Constitution and International Law everybody has a human right to a fair trail. Therefore it matters not what the person is accused of but they must have competent representation.

      We follow the law and Court proceedings of all countries yet we want to subvert ours. How stupid can you be? The worst criminals are put on trial in the US, they are not killed.


      • This Human Rights thing is overrated. Ever heard of a little place called Guantanamo? Maybe Iraq? Or even Northern Ireland? Surely, you have heard of Black Sites? What I am drawing to your attention is that those big countries are doing whatever it takes to enforce security in THEIR countries. The Human Rights against criminals and terrorists are violated everyday. It is a simple case of do as I say... not what I do. Please, do not drink all the Kool-Aid. Leave some dregs behind.


      • They are not killed in the US? Hmmm...check the statistics on blacks killed by police. Of course, they are leaders in upholding human rights eh?


    • Y'all all up in arms crying for human rights but i also need a "subject"/culprit to act upon..not just like rae rae rae y'all not hearing human rights ..i need a person of interest to speak against,and usualy those types of cases are difficult to persue because perpetrators are not identified...would u like me to speak human rights against the whole country because of one perp?..this can only be the case with a uniformed/galvanize group such as the police/govt minister or any other so long as we can identify before fact,thus holding the head authority accountable so they inturn can filter out the bad apple if they do not want to be accountable for ones some cases the head authority actually takes the fall as a get the sense of it retarded ppl.


  14. The government of the day, as well as previous administrations, need to truly consider easing up the requirements for a firearm license in the country. A gun permit in st.lucia has taken on an element of elitism which is ridiculous considering the ease at which it appears that criminals can gain access to firearms. instead one has to send an application to the commissioner of police and wait for him to get back to you at his convenience, which is still no guarantee that you will be approved.I understand that we have carried over alot of our laws and customs from the british system but this is just stupid because britain can do a better job of securing their borders and assuring that criminals do not have such easy access to firearms.


  15. This crime surge is getting ridiculously out of hand now on this island. I am fed up and tired of this crap from those good for nothing idiots. It high time that St. Lucians stand up and demand that the authorities come up with some mechanism to combat this very disturbing epidemic. ( Although it appears that they have no clue as to how to address the situation.) However, something has got to be done. The criminals are just a handful. We cannot sit back and allow them to outsmart and overpower us. We must stop being complacent and acting like a bunch of cowards.(The police included.) We must fight back very vigorously using any means necessary. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!


  16. And at the end of the day when they lock up at Bordelais and talking all crap bout they wanna kill themselves, We suppose to fell sorry for them!! Hell No! I was going down with one! They man was earning an honest living look now he is dead bc of criminals who resort to crime and robbery


  17. The only thing wrong the poor guy did was to make an honest living. Sad. I had my friend Fortune killed the same way. May his family find strength at this time to cope.


  18. These bloody thieves are so bold. If you get a chance to kill them during their daring act, please do, as thieves comes to steal, kill and destroy.
    Rest In Peace Urias Compton.


  19. Its is high time we start thinking about bullet proof vest for our security officers.Dear God children cry,mama woooo father robbinf people property and then taking the poor man life,in the process St.lucia these criminals will not stop,unless you'll stop them no Mercy for the Merciless,and i know who will not hear must feel.And definitely who feels it knows it.My condolences go out to his family.I want them to catch the son of a bitch and throw away the key.St.lucia dont for get,Justice truth and Charity our ideal for ever be OKAY.


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