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Security minister believes media has role in fight against crime

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Security Minister, Senator Hermangild Francis, is of the opinion that the media has a role to play as Saint Lucia continues to grapple with a crime problem.

He also told reporters that it appears that people on the island are unable to solve their problems and issues.

“There are programs that are going to be put in place, we have the GIS (Government Information Service) we have other things and people like you need to be able to assist us too,” he stated.

He said that it is up to all Saint Lucians to assist in the crime fight.

“And that is where the press comes in,” Francis said. “You have the opportunity, the avenue, to be able to send out this messages and so on.”

He went on to say that right now the government is going into schools to teach students how “to behave civilly towards each other”.

Francis pointed to the stabbing death of Curtis Charlemagne in Canaries last Friday, saying it is a case where people are unable to solve their problems in an amicable fashion.

“When you look at the incident, two friends are killing friends, I mean its a case where just our people are not being able to solve issues and problems,” he said.

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  1. Mate clueless...I wish the media would compile all his rumblings into a report so we all could see the evidence of his ineptitude. Mr Minister here is a bold idea:
    You need a PR strategy and ideas eg) get 5 million dollars and launch a crime "sooseh" hotline. Ensure confidentiality and pay people a mere 100-1k for giving info on illegal guns bikes and other illegal activities. And see what happens!

    Do your damn job man!

  2. The BS that passes for governance in developing countries is appalling.

    Here is an Ex Police Commissioner who ran on the premise that he had the answers for crime reduction and control. Fast forward to three years of being in power and not only has crime increased, he's out here dishing out responsibilities to the media and others. This is not a coherent plan. More like grappling at straws and simply pathetic. The hypocrisy and darn right BS is too much.

    I do not care who is in power politically in St.Luica. I care about the people of St.Lucia. I never bought into the ridiculous promises of the current administration. For those who did, it's really on you to call these politicians out. From health care, to crime, to the fiscal health of the country. It's literally lies and BS and ineptitude everywhere you turn. What's next, blame parents for not raising children properly? Lets try that. Oh wait we did.

    We refuse to treat the source of anything in developing countries like St.Lucia - simply blame the symptoms. The Pm said we're illiterate (the impudence of this man), ok...what is he doing about it? Nothing! Schools are in a dilapidated state. he's rambling on an on about curriculum and ipads, which all amount to nothing in the end. Useless rhetoric! So gwan with that rubbish.

    Mr. Minister, you campaigned that you had answers for crime. The people elected you based on that premise. So far, you have failed miserably. You clearly lack the answers. No hard feelings. But stop passing the buck! Stop making excuses and either get on with the business of the people and lead or kindly vacate the office. The same applies to every other Minister. There is no faith in this government, quite frankly i don't think there ever was.

  3. Why is this man always talking and in the news? Only talk and no action. The worst Security Minister....inadequate and overwhelmed. If you are not capable admit it and step down be a man about it and let someone who is better qualified and up to the challenge handle this Ministry. This man is a great disappointment.


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