Security guards at SMC were ‘beaten quite badly,’ says principal

Security guards at SMC were ‘beaten quite badly,’ says principal
Rowan Seon
Rowan Seon
Rowan Seon

Principal of the St. Mary’s College (SMC) Rowan Seon has revealed that the two security guards that were on duty during Monday night’s burglary sustained serious injuries.

“The security guards were bound and beaten quite badly,” Seon told Newsspin on Tuesday.

The college principal said while one of the security guards was discharged from the hospital, the other one is still hospitalized and is due to take a CT scan, to assess whether there was any damage to his skull.

Seon said he is very disturbed about the incident and is hoping that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

He also highlighted the fact that bandits have been targeting many city schools as of recent.

In explaining what he heard happened, Seon said that one of the security guards recalled hearing the sound of doors slamming and upon realizing that it  was a break-in, he called the police.

It wasn’t long after that the bandits found the unarmed security guards, and proceeded to beat and tie them up.

When the police arrived, the bandits had already gained access in the school and they had already searched two rooms, but didn’t had enough time to continue stealing.

He said, “The police chased them off the compound and fired a volley of shots…they did not actually strike any of them, but at least they were able to interrupt the activity that was going on.”

Seon said he is concerned that the criminals may return.

He has suggested that the school be provided with armed security.


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  1. I totally agree with Mr Seon. Those security guards are not equipped to face these types of bandits. I mean seriously, with all the breakins at schools these days SMC for one has been a target ever since school reopend. The ministry still have guards who are equipped with a radio and a baton! Wake up get proper security guards who can match those menaces.


  2. What if we exploit the idea that security firms are responsible for these school burglaries in order for them to get hired cause they have armed guards, I'm just saying! It's not far fetched!


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