Guard tied up during burglary at La Croix Maingot Combined

Guard tied up during burglary at La Croix Maingot Combined


Police are investigating a burglary at the La Croix Maingot Combined School, where masked bandits forced their way into the school, leaving with several pieces of items.

Reports are that the bandits, who were armed with sharp objects, tied up the security guard who was on duty around 4 a.m. Friday, before breaking into the school building.

They managed to take a microwave and an electric fan, and escaped using the security guard’s vehicle, which was later found abandoned at Cul de Sac.

The school’s principal, Christina Norley, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that this is not the first time that the school has had a break-in, as there was a similar incident about five months ago.

“But the school is fairly well secure. We have all the metal bars and the doors are all metal. I think the perpetrators really wanted to get in, for whatever reason, and they hammered down this place,” she remarked.

Norley said that the school has managed to clean up the mess that was created by the bandits, because she is trying to make the school environment as normal as possible.

“They (pupils) are our priority, so we have to keep them calm. We have to ensure that we don’t linger in anything, that we do or evoke any negative or traumatic response,” she added.

Only one month ago, bandits broke into the George Charles Secondary School, tying up the security guard and beating him. The bandits stole computers and other items from the school.


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  1. They made a campaign on they're in power..they have no tactics to deal with crime..smfh....come next election we will elect those who really know how to deal with criminals and not those jokers who are there right now..


  2. I was told the security guard was beaten with an axe and his finger was nearly cut off, they got away with a small amount of cash the children had collected for a pupil whose home had recently burnt down. I cannot believe that these wastes of oxygen target a school, a lot of the kids were shaken up and the younger kindergarten class were sent home because they were upset, I hope they rot in hell.


  3. My Goodness! If it aint one thing its another. When is this crap going to stop? No solution in sight.


  4. These news articles on burglary just puts a spoke in my wheel. These crimes are obviously the jobs of young adults. People within the community know who they are.

    People if you see something, don't be afraid, say something. We can't keep letting lawless individuals take control. Just like our children, we can't watch them 24 ours, that is why I'm saying if you see something, say something. They might retaliate, but if more than one individual stand up against them, they can't attack all. They are cowards, trying to put fear in hard working people. They will win if we say nothing and do nothing. They are that desperate, they are robbing schools!!! Common now.

    I've read robberies in homes, supermarkets, money transfer outlets, banks, businesses, individuals, schools, non profit orgs. My god, what will they not rob....


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