Security guard suspected of rape in Rodney Bay

Security guard suspected of rape in Rodney Bay

arrestA Jamaican security guard is currently in police custody on a rape allegation.

Reports are that the accused, who was based at a popular resort in the north, is suspected of raping a young girl on the Reduit beach Saturday night.

The Gros Islet police are investigating the matter.


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  1. Some of these comments are ignorant of Jamaicans. What about the Lucians committing endless crime in the United States, Canada and Martinique to name a few countries. All countries have people who make they country ashamed when they commit crimes. And u can consider St. Lucia to be little Jamaica cause everywhere you turn is dancehall music.


  2. it do damn easy for non nationals to obtain citizenship, ID cards ,passports in little old lucia .....and we cah get it in other countries....all of them running from their homes cause lucia free up!!!smh


  3. this is rubbish why are these criminals coming to st lucia to cause trouble wasn`t it to long ago that this jamaican guy killed a young st lucian guy and was never arrested... damn you damn you I can`t deal with this nonsense any more and yes this cop should be investigated guess thats justice and as i always say st lucians like to gossip to much and what needs to get done they never take a stance for it...


  4. Why are they coming in St Lucia in the first place being a Jamaican he' probably one ugly a** mother**cker. I hope the young ladies family burst his ugly a** and give him 7 to 10 years in prison.


    • Why make such a comment based on the person's nationality? Let us call all crimes whether committed by nationals or non nationals ugly instead. What you my dear has succeeded in doing is committing a "crime" yourself by making such a negative comment based on a nation's perceived look. Well what will our young people think. Let us not use one act by this individual to cast our fellow Caribbean brethen in such a light. I am sure when Usain Bolt and the entire Jamaican track and field team were excelling at Olympics and the World championship, such a comment would not come from you. In fact I am sure you were proud to be from the Caribbean. Let us comment on the act he committed.


    • A security guard is the furthest thing from a law maker...please educate yourself before making ridiculous comments


    • Take time to read news around the region and the world before you jump on the band wagon of 'Only in St.Lucia". However this does not mean to say that any act of lawlessness in our beautiful St.Lucia should not be ACTIVELY addressed.


  5. Theres no justice in this world anymore. They can arrest the Jamaican suspected, but a police officer was suspected rape at gun point and handcuffs not in police custody. Wow


  6. it just go's to show how badly corrupted the rslpf are! the stinking MF cops are such a joke - they do whatever they want to anyone they choose they drive the way they want with no regard for any supposed laws, take their girlfriends in the vehicles get drunk and drive - they all need to be taken away to boot camp and taught how to be humans. if they want respect they must show it or you may as well not have any of them. ONE LAW FOR ALL YOU SCUMBAGS.


    • this is so true its not a laughing matter........... i guess they taking a page from politicians, with the i dont care attitude........................


  7. A security gaurd is suspected of rape and he is in police custody BUT a POLICE OFFICER is suspected of rape and "NO ARREST" "NOT IN POLICE CUSTODY". SMFH. ONLY IN ST.LUCIA THIS SHIT HAPPENS. SMFH.


    • That's a rdiculous view. Why would you just take into custody a veteran of the force and fellow professional on accusations made by a spiteful lover. Professional courtesy, if policy officers keep taking each other into custody over every targeted deliberate complaint what type of environment does that create. Of course he will be charged if the evidence shows he is possibly guilty.


      • and this dumbass attitude is why we in toilet bowl, lets give people a pass base on how they are viewed in society . And this is suppose to be right.................


    • but still why are these jamacan coming to st lucia to cause problems why are they allowing these animals to come f.k they aint done enough trouble in their countries some of them are hard core criminals no wonder the place is full of crime so ....


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