Security guard found dead in Agard

Security guard found dead in Agard

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 27-year-old security guard at Agard in Morne Du Don, Castries.

Law enforcement sources said the body of Andre Jules was found hanging from the ceiling of his home between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018, reliable sources said.

The case was immediately handed over to CID.

The incident has been classified as a “suspected suicide” until the outcome of a post mortem examination of the body, to determine the cause of death, or possibly a Coroner’s Inquest.


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  1. I truly believe u have to feel it to no it.Im a mother of 3,2 sons and a daughter ages,16,14 and a single parent and don't blame anyone.we live ,we die,some weak some strong.I have been weak do many times over n over again,i have thought of suicide many times just through hurt , disappointed by immediate family,i have brothers , sisters,a healthy mom who left me wen I was 7 travelled and said was for better,i was raised by my grandma the only place I found love,im grown now not even a phone call I get form family to say hi to my kids.I got pregnant at 18 never once depended or ask family for help.Im proud of the mom I am cause my kids help me fight the struggles of life every day and at that moment I placed the rope to my neck my kids were all I saw dragging through life homeless said n bitter without me and I couldn't do it cause I raised them with love so they gave back love to me.some of us don't ever find love,suicide is caused by sadness,loneliness,anger,selfishness ,greed ,silence and so much more.All I kept asking for was a phone call to say hi I'm calling cause I care ,even when I'm broke love fills my heart.My family judged me by how I dress,who I hang out with,the job that don't pay much the small house that I rent,the man I care about but he don't own a vehicle or a large salary.Not once said I'm proud of u ,u did well but my kids do ,they say mom we love u,we appreciate u ,my 16 yr old son and his 14yr old brother races to hug or kiss me wen I get home from work and ask how was my day my mom never not once did that for me,most times I eat crimps or food from a dog bowl at work to save to provide a meal for my kids ,clean homes after work at $30,40 to cook,my water and current Always gets cut out my kids go to school 3 days a weak so I can save the school money for a meal.And with sadness n tears in my eyes the smile on my kids face washed away my pain their love have me strong.My 7yr old daughter tells me everyday mummy u are the most beautiful woman ever I love u.Most suicides happens cause there's no one to love us .why do we love only those who's educated,those who makes the larger income,those with the husband's n wives just because they have an expensive car or big house.Our people who's purpose to love judge us in to those who will never commit suicide be great full u guys have reasons not to.


    • thank have made my day to see your struggles and the way your kids appreciate you,could only be love dont stop loving them your rewards are stored in heaven be strong


  2. I think we have improved this year, last year we were already at 8 suicides this same time.
    I also think with homicides for this we are not going to come close or reach the tally for last year, 60.
    So far this is very positive news for Lady Helen,the killers are trying to behave themselves, let's all give them two thumbs up.


  3. @ Kay....if u know something say something
    Andre was troubled in his latter days , residents of agard said he was tripping, sitting on his balcony having loud conversations with himself , most of his family wasn't speaking to him, why hasn't anyone of them made a statement ?? He ran from agard to town naked !!! Come on people , there's more to this ,,, family come forward !!


    • Before you make comments get your facts right. Andre was not tripping, he didn't run to town naked nor was there any problems with his family. Y'all too quick to make comments and hurt families


  4. Who want believe this was a suicide. Go ahead. The real question is...Why the family was NOT allowed to view the autopsy?????


    • @Kay I totally agree with you. Why wasn't the family viewing the autopsy.. Hurtful situation


  5. I have a strong feeling organize crime have a lot to play in most suicides in SLU coz i can't believe at least 10 people does take their lives in SLU every year an most of the time is young men that killing them selves,case an point what if there is someone with a gun forcing you to drink poison,hang or any other forceful form of killing ur self how can murder be proven.


  6. I think this might have been a suicide.I will defiantly pray for the mother and the rest of the family. This is so tromatising.I can't even imagine what I would do if that was my child or brother or uncle or if he was even related to me.


  7. 27 year old....My people why you'll don't live to live...Suicide the only way i will become a suicide victim they have to tie me...Tell Satan Lucifer to leave you'll alone,leave you'll dreams alone,stop taking you'll Souls...My people,my people....St.Lucia..


    • Why don’t you shut up with your fictional bible characters? Don’t you have a life other to be on here commenting on everything popped up on this page? What the country needs is a clear understand on human behavior and a solution to fix this. Instead of telling young men and women they need to grow up in a society being strong from a very early age. Not providing the basic love and attention.


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