Security guard discovered dead at Vieux Fort Comprehensive

Security guard discovered dead at Vieux Fort Comprehensive


Classes have been temporarily suspended at the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (V.F.C.S.S.) following the discovery of the body of a security guard.

Reports are that the man’s body was discovered by a caretaker and another security guard around 6 a.m. Wednesday, who called in the police to investigate.

The area where the body was found has since been cordoned off by investigators, and students who showed up for school today, were sent back home.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. H5D how do you know this was a crime? Haven't you ever heard of dying from natural causes? And some of yall need to experience life outside of St. some documentaries....too too shallow!!!!


  2. When ever Kenny in office St Lucia turning into a nightmare, why St Lucias WHY !!! do you keep voting this clown into office. I mean I could understand the economic situation and some of the limited resources we have to tackle it and alot of it is out of our control, but come on Kenny you could at least take a more assertive stance on the crime situation. St Lucia is too small for all these crimes to be taking place without some kind of intervention to be implemented. Kenny I for one am totally disappointed and basically there is nothing we can say or do to convince St Lucias that you should be re-elected into office.


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