Security guard charged for shooting Vieux Fort man returns to court next month

By SNO Staff

Luther Martyr (right) was charged for shooting Emri Stephen.

The relative of a man who was shot by a security guard in Cantonement, Vieux Fort is hoping that justice will be served in the case.

The relative, speaking on condition of anonymity in an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), noted that the matter, up to today, hadn’t been widely reported in the media.

According to information from the relative, as well as law enforcement sources, on August 25, 2017, around 7:55 p.m., 29-year-old Zemri Stephen, who resides in Cantonement, was in a “heated argument” with another male from the same community, when Stephen was shot by a security guard employed by one of the most prominent security firms on the island.

The relative told SNO that the security guard was an “onlooker”.

“At the time of the incident the security guard was not in uniform or on duty but was armed with the company’s shot gun,” the relative alleged. SNO has not been able to independently verify this claim.

As a result of further investigations, the security guard, identified as 30-year-old Luther Martyr from Augier, Vieux Fort, was charged with grevious harm on September 14, according to law enforcement sources.

Martyr was granted bail in the sum of $4,000 cash or suitable surety.

Asked whether Stephen was armed or provoked an attack from the security guard, the relative said: “From the eyewitnesses which were there, my brother and another guy started arguing over some money the guy owed my brother for cigerettes, cause my brother sells cigerettes. I was told that the bucket my brother usually have the cigerettes in has a small scissors but other than that no other weapon.”

The relative added that Stephen “isn’t a saint or has the best background check but I am a person who believes in justice and that is for all. If he was the one who did harm to the other person I would also say the same on behalf of the other family.”

The accused is scheduled to reapper in court on November 7, according to police.

Stephen, meanwhile, is “recovering well” at home, the relative said.

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  1. xcop well said

  2. some ppl are claiming that the security guard was defending himself but why did he live his home with a
    gun and shot the victim almost a hundred yards from his home and almost where the victim lived..i am friends with the guard and when the incident occurred his wife did ask him to stay indoors when the guys were arguing,he was never a part of what was going on.

    • Shut your ass.. because his wife was not home when that happened......if u were friends with him, u would have had the turth

      • looks like some ppl are mad cause this is getting so much attention, mad that they know the guard was wrong for using the companys gun for his own reasons..haha
        had it been the guy who shot the guard they would ask for the death penalty.

  3. That attitude of not caring about people is perpetuated under a veil that we should arbitrarily trample people's rights if we judge them to be found wanting. It is not up to anybody to judge whether someone is "good" or "bad" because as far as i know none of us is glorified in the eyes of the lord. What is the difference between a drug dealer, an embezzler and a common thief or a pastor who has sex with young girls under cover or the politician who makes millions by trickery and bribery? None of us are "good boys." That can only be decided in Court. That is why the crooked politicians and embezzlers still appear as good boys since they have never been held to account or face any Court.

  4. its amazing reading some of these comments.we full of forensic experts on island and yet we have so many unsolved murders. No better was to release stress. Just reading some of these post.

  5. I am his good friend

    We are all freaking quick to judge.
    Stephen was actually in the corner of the man's yard. when the conflict started in his yard, he had every right to check what was happening in his yard, when he got to his yard Stephen was already in action and his intention was quite clear.
    Who would not try to stop a serious conflict which could have led to death in THEIR YARD.***
    It is quite clear that if something is happening in your yard you would get involved somehow.
    Stephen knows dam well that he attacked the gentleman in his yard.

  6. So the sister didn't say that he first attacked with "the little scissors" he had in the bucket? We are so quick to blame and point the finger, play judge, juror and excutioner, unless it happens to your family. Let the police, lawyers and judge do their jobs. So what the hell was he supposed to do? Let the person attack him and not defend himself? I would like to see one person in all of you who have so much insight into this stand and allow anyone to come at you with a weapon and not defend yourselves.

  7. Y'all are missing the point here. I remember some years ago an ultra mart security shot and killed a man on the boulvard in Castries after the man had stolen an item at the ultimart on micoud St.

    In St. Lucia there is no regulations on alot of things but in developed countries a security guard is not a police officer. A security guard is only responsible for the premises he has been hired to guard. In the event that a crime take place, the Security guard should not pursue an assailant off the premises he is being paid to watch over.

    The ultramart security guard pursued the guy all the way to the blvd and killed him. The matter went to court and the Security guard walk away not even a slap on the wrist he got.

    A police officer is supposed to open fire if he feels that his life is at risk but his first attempt should be to apprehend not to shoot.

    Was this security guard also a police officer? If he was not but is hired by the Security firm and was not at work at the moment please stay on this case, get a lawyer, sue the security company and the guard.

    Please don't hesitate.

  8. everyone is so quick to be judge and jury until the call is at their door.
    we all have our demons, we all have done wrong we need to stop judging people and let the law handle the situation. To many shootings have occurred in this small country where persons are killed and the criminals are not identified, no witnesses and no justice.

  9. the article clearly stated that the victim was not a saint nor does he have a good background check, but that doesn't mean that the individual doesn't have a right too.
    we as human beings like to judge a person based on their past and not what is actually happening..

  10. Always a good boy after they get their ass on the wrong side. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • no one claimed he was a good boy as the article clearly stated that he is not a saint nor has a good back ground check, but at the end of the day people need to understand everyone has a right of freedom and to live.

    • there is nothing in the article that claims he is or was a good boy.

  11. St.Lucia the land of lawlessness. Guess what? The imbecile will be walking away scott free,the court should garnish two hundred dollars from his pay check every bi-weekly, weekly or monthly until a total of twenty five thousand is paid to the victim. Morons like you should love St.Lucia to the max because you can kill a man/woman and walk away without persecution.

  12. It's amazing how Stephen's sister has so discretely excluded the many details of this incident.
    Stephen has a history of violence.... I remember incidents as far back as primary school. And I think the St.Lucian public is smart enough to know that it was not cigarettes.

    Karma is so real!!

    • the article clearly stated that the victim was not a saint nor did he have a good background check but does not mean the victim doesn't have any rights...we as human beings need to stop being judge and jury based on a persons past.
      justice is there for everyone not just the persons who think that they have never done any wrong.

  13. selling cigarettes?

    • What's wrong with selling cigarettes? You'll always look down on ppl

    • And in a lil container with small scissors? He selling weed for sure. But that does not require he be shot by a rent a cop.

      • Exactly ! The security guard is the not an officer of the "State" period. He was "off duty" with the "companies" fire arm not a fire arm that was license by the state THAT ALONE IS ILLEGAL he should not have been allowed to take it home with him. The security company is liable for that. I hope he sues the company and the guard gets what's coming to him then again you talking about St Lucia.

    • hahah


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