Secure St. Lucia says it will not bend to NWU’s “pressure tactics”

Secure St. Lucia says it will not bend to NWU’s “pressure tactics”


PRESS RELEASE – Secure St. Lucia has noted the continued efforts of the National Workers Union to engage in public propaganda displays, regarding the industrial relations issue involving the union and the company.

The union continues to make allegations and statements in the public domain regarding the dispute, even while the said matter is still being considered by the Department of Labour, and has even admitted that its recent threat of industrial action was aimed at pressuring the Department to capitulate to its demands, rather than employing due diligence.

Unlike the NWU, Secure St. Lucia will remain professional, and refrain from propaganda or personal attacks in the media or otherwise and allow the relevant authorities to conclude its intervention without impediment or coercion.

The company has in the past refrained from making any public statements on the matter, cognizant of the fact that the parties involved are presently engaged in mediation under the auspices of the Labour Department.

Meanwhile, the company remains committed to a reasonable resolution of the dispute and calls on the NWU to refrain from using social media and local media houses to mislead, misrepresent or influence public opinion while discussions between both parties, with assistance from the Labour Department continues.


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  1. Pay the people their money u greedy ass bastard,u can do what u want but not for as long as u want


  2. Unfortunate, that a matter still in discussion is displayed so often in the media from the union's angle. just curious as to whether secure st. Lucia is the only company that is guilty of not paying overtime.
    This one has been found and is in discussion with labour department, time now NWU to move on to the other big companies in St. Lucia that is just as guilty of other worker violations and you do nothing though you represent the workers of these companies!


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