Secure St. Lucia Ltd accused of gross exploitation

Secure St. Lucia Ltd accused of gross exploitation

The National Workers Union (NWU) has written the Acting Labour Commissioner of the Department of Labour, Ray Narcisse, on overtime payment due to workers employed with Secure St. Lucia Ltd.

The NWU said despite a meeting was held between the management of Secure St. Lucia Ltd, the NWU and the Labour Department, it is yet to deliver on its promise.

The union these were some of the agreements made during the last meeting:

1.            They acknowledge the sum of $700,000.00 as overtime payments calculated and submitted to you by Secure St. Lucia Ltd. covering the period 2012-2015.

2.            They will not accept an interim overtime payment covering the period January 2015- June 2015, after which the parties will continue discussions on payment of the balance.

3.            The company should understand that workers are presently faced with the purchase of school books and uniforms for their children and that any compromise position must reflect full group payments of twenty (20) workers at any one time. That would not adversely affect the company’s cash flow position.

4.            The workers would like the company to stop its subtle acts of harassment and victimization or face the consequences of general protest action.

However, the NWU said workers are still leaving their shifts three quarters of an hour late without any consideration and compensation by the company.

“While the NWU supports the security services sector, the Ministry of Labour should not stand by idly and allow the gross exploitation that is being inflicted on workers by some employers,” it added.

Further, the NWU said it must not be forgotten that these workers are the same armed guards who continue to protect life and property that the security services oversee.

It stressed, “Workers are getting fed up and will one day take no more.”

The NWU said it looks forward to engagements that will provide a schedule of payments for the security guards.


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  1. It a same that workers have to go so far just to get what's theirs after working hard for it at the end of the day the workers are the one that the backbone of the company witjout a backbone what happens to the body


  2. Another lack of consideration if i say that,black exploiting black.How does that,sound?True or false?


  3. Disgusting company, if true. Unfortunately this is occurring more and more in St Lucia. Too many greedy people who want it all!


  4. Security companies make their workers work 12 hour shifts.shudnt they work 8 hours thereafter overtime is calculated?


  5. Alot of those security companies are being operated by ex-police officers so the vernom continues to spread all over this country.They are more corrupt i worked places as a guard supervisor and these same security personnel were caught breaking into those businesses they are suppose to protect.There was another,security firm called private investigations.They were employing Guyanese and exploiting St.lucians.Heard the founder of this company left and went oversees without paying people severance pay?


  6. this is just one of the few companies in the private sector who exploit workers... its sad


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