Secure St. Lucia clears the air on threat allegations

Secure St. Lucia clears the air on threat allegations

PRESS RELEASE – Following the recent public allegations made by The National Workers Union, Secure St. Lucia speaks out against the fabricated reports which have left many uncertain as to what really occurred.

Secure St. Lucia denies the allegations that employees were in any way threatened or coerced.

The activity in question, a Jounen Kweyol themed event, has been organised by the staff members in recognition of the island’s observance of Creole Heritage Month.

Management has willingly provided its support to ensure the event’s success, with no ulterior motive.

“This is a staff organised and executed event, with minimal input from management. Secure St. Lucia has never resorted to threatening its employees as we have the utmost respect for the service that they provide”.

According to Mr. Gabriel Pierre, Managing Director of Secure St. Lucia, “We have cooperated with the NWU at every turn and we will continue to endeavour to maintain a productive professional relationship with the Union.

However this requires their cooperation. Management was never contacted nor a dialogue initiated in an attempt to resolve any perceived issue”.


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  1. I've been employed with secure st lucia for many years now, over that time I've never experienced any form of threats or injustice from my managers. I think the press release is correct in pointing out that these are 'fabricated reports.' The company's management are very approachable, I've never made a complaint that they didn't at least try to resolve. Its really sad that a few staff are trying to destroy the company's image!


  2. thats a lie, why don't management of secure st lucia come out and explain that document that they wanted employees from the south to sign…. allegdely threatening the work conditions and pay of some employees. clear the air on why y'all wanted employees to say no to NWU when they already accepted to be a part


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