Second Women and Sexual Diversity conference for LBT activists

Second Women and Sexual Diversity conference for LBT activists
Caribbean Woman conference group.
Caribbean Woman conference group.

PRESS RELEASE – “Inspiring women to leadership” is the theme under which activists from across the Caribbean will convene next week in Suriname for the second Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference.

An initiative of United and Strong Inc Saint Lucia, the CWSDC is supported by CariFLAGS and WomenSWay Suriname.

Now in its second year, the CWSDC targets activists in the area of lesbian, bisexual and transsexual health and rights, with the aim of increasing Caribbean women’s visibility in the movement.

This year’s collective is drawn from thirteen countries, from Bahamas to Suriname and points in between.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to connect women across the region, in what we aim to be a lasting movement,” says Executive Director of United and Strong Inc. Kenita Placide.

She adds, “The women’s conference was conceptualised to enhance the LGBTI movement in the region by amplifying the voices of LBT activists.”

For one week from October 5 to 12 in Paramaribo, Suriname, twenty-four participants will explore ways to improve their advocacy including proposal writing, international mechanisms, community mobilising and media.

They will also learn from each other’s varying knowledge and experience in advocacy. Sessions will be presented by facilitators from Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Suriname.

Facilitators are also drawn from the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus), Arcus Foundation, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Astraea Lesbian Foundation and Women’s Health in Women’s Hands.

Faye Ferdinandus of CariFLAGS (Caribbean Forum for the Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexuality), says the mix of presenters will add to the value of the conference. “We want to build networks, which we the organizers did last year, and continue to build upon that foundation. We want to do so this time also.

Caribbean presenters bring an understanding of the culture and live the lives so will bring knowledge of the nuances to the training.”

The CWSDC runs parallel with Suriname Coming Out Week celebrations organised by LGBT Platform Suriname and participants will attend events as part of the conference.

Suriname’s annual Coming Out Week is one of f the most vibrant pride celebrations in the region, with Suriname’s first lady hanging out the rainbow flag in 2013.


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  1. hush!

    Please educate yourself there are indeed those who choose, just as we choose to fornicate despite what we are taught. In other cases research has shown there to be physiological differences in those who are of same sex orientation. If people can be born with genitals of both sexes, male external genitals but internal female organs, extra limbs, no eyes, no brain..etc etc etc...why is it so far fetched that one can be born with more female hormones than male as well as the opposite and hence the inclination.

    Genes do cross and mutate causing a break in the normal process. So get off your self righteous boat and leave the ppl alone.

    The thieves and murderers that rob us and shoot wildly in SLU you have to be worried about.

    Could you imagine if day in and day out the more dominant race on this planet OPENLY condemn us black ppl which they do subtly. Exactly... live your life for you! Do well on your path and journey, help those in need - do you do!

    In the mean time for a so called religious person or someone who appears to know scripture and the word of God - you are so angry (SIN right there - be slow to anger)and hateful (SIN right there cus you should love your neighbour as yourself)and the judging part I think you done know already!

    So ummm get a life!


    • I believe in leaving people alone to live their lives.Why judge or condemn people. None of us is perfect. We all struggle with something...
      But on another note..i dont agree with u comparing race to sexual orientation. You stated that their sexual orientation was as a result of an unnatural occurrence which gives them more female/male hormones. There isnt any unnatural occurrence that makes someone black or white or asian. And if you loved the people who struggle with this issue you would admit that they have a problem instead of preaching "acceptance" and "pretend that all is normal" as that is the first step to finding a way to fix such a problem. I mean if i was born with an issue that made me attracted to the same sex i would want someone to come up with some treatment to change me to make me live a normal life. But...instead u all bickering.


      • Breddecks thanks for your feedback! In no way is the gravity of what blacks felt remotely close! My comparison was merely to illustrate the detest shown to those who are different. From lyrics of songs and the name calling!

        My bottom line is we see the world as we are and for you wanting someone to treat the abnormality is your stance. For others it's repent or go to hell to some it's live and let live...which is my stance.

        We all know that same sex is not natural as you need opposite sexes to procreate. Sooo if someone up holds the law, pays taxes, does not steal from or hurt you, what's the issue with what the do behind close doors. It's their life for crying out loud!

        I don't hear this level of proclamation of what's right or wrong when it comes to adultery, fornication etc.

        Why are we so quick to go biblical on one aspect and not the other.

        My thing is - leave ppl business and mind your own and help those in need. Love all trust few and do harm to none.

        That's just my opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree, but it's a different way of looking at things!

        Why can't we all just get along! (^_^)


  2. It's an abomination!!!!!!!!!!!! Plain and simple! Naptalie well said, I could not have done it better. Simple logic would tell you two women cannot bring forth a human being into this world so what ridiculous rubbish these women feeding people. I am a Christian and I do not support this one bit!!!! I do not hate the individuals at all but hate what they have found themselves trapped in. Just pray that that they receive deliverance before its too late!!!!!!!!!!!!! God help us we are in the last days


  3. Lucian Men, we need to put our feet down on those women who are now bent on destroying our island's image with their immorality.

    How on earth have we allowed about 30 women, group together and have now turn us into wimps to promote their immorality.

    What hell is wrong with us?


    • Ok AB, lets just say I support u on this one ... what EXACTLY are we to do about it? What EXACTLY are YOU doing about it? huh ?? Its very very easy to sit & type those pronouncements but real, meaningful ACTION is what we need ... so tell me brotherman, whats YOUR plan of action?? I'm waiting .........


    • Stop your each their own!
      Who are you to judge? I hope you look down on the fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves and murderers the same. The list goes on!
      I have no Idea why people are stuck on condemning those who are different. Are they hurting you in anyway? Aren`t they taxpaying citizens like you and me? Blood running through their veins etc. The only difference is their sexual orientation that they have the freedom to choose despite the laws out there.

      No one is asking you to accept it! When I see the comments, anger, hate and pure disdain for those who are different – for some reason I see it as equal to how the jews and blacks were treated because some self righteous arse thought they were better and these ppl were different and below them – thus they are seen as irrelevant.

      A truly spiritual person exhibits tolerance and acceptance not the harsh callous words that I see flying all over the place.

      PS I hope you are a saint and on the highway to heaven - exactly so until then please check for yourself!


  4. I love you gays , lesbians and Transexauals! However I hate your act..... The problem I have is that you trying and justify your prefrence of choice and shove it down people's throat to accept it.. It's Morally wrong and there is nothing that can be right about it.. it's like thieves walking the street's with billbords and banners trying to justify to the public their need their rights.. and so is a murderer. THEY ARE ALL WRONG!. You know from your hearts what you are doing is wrong and so is the thief and the rapist. Don't try to make us believe and accept what u embrace and match over rights of something wrong. If my daughter who is innocent and was raise in a family that consist of a man and woman as the parents and goes out there and see your immoral behavior , her God given instinct would tell her something ain't right and it took a man and a woman and thats why she's on earth today!! And so is everyone of you.. you all who claim u are gay have /had a mother and father. Its a choice you have made to go against the natural ways of nature but do not make us who knows better believe it's acceptable. Its like trying to fit a square peg in a round whole. We the Children of Jesus Christ oppose your Actions and so is those who commit adultery, lying, stealing, fornicating.. They are all wrong!! Remember to sin is one thing but to live in sin is another. For there in nothing new under the sun.. To u who have eared from the faith return back for it shall profit you nothing of lying with your own kind but death. The wages of sin is DEATH.. return back to your maker and the love your are looking for you will find it in him.. for your life is like vapor and can easily be snatch away from you. Am sure deep down you know it is wrong but yet chose to live in it.. we shall be judge according to our works.. remember if u have sown to the flesh then it is what you shall reap. Am not here to cast stones @ anyone least I be stone and am guilty of one of the crimes.. but am saying don't live in it get out before its to late.. REPENT AND TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS and accept Jesus Christ he is the only one that came to safe us from it. Don't say you never hear !! Least your blood be upon my shoulders


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