UPDATED: Store attendant raped at Mongiraud

UPDATED: Store attendant raped at Mongiraud

Highest-Rape-Crime-in-Ethiopia (2)

A female store attendant was raped in the North of the island Tuesday.

Reports are that the woman was alone when two masked men entered her workplace tied her up and raped her.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 5 p.m., February 16, 2016 at Mongiraud, Gros-Islet.

This publication understands that one of the men had a gun in his possession.

This incident comes less than two weeks after a British female tourist was raped at her Cas en Bas villa.

The 45-year-old woman has reported the incident to local police and the British High Commission.

Police are investigating both incidents.


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  1. These men know that they can get away with these acts because the police have limited resources to work with. Case in point an empty shell of a Forensic lab. The people need to demand better. No lab no vote and see how quickly the lab will be up an running.


  2. What the hell is wrong with St Lucian men they feel the need to rape women?????? They need to be found and do away with them. I would hold them by their private part they use to rape the women and stretch it until it break.

    It is so sad. A small island like st lucia people are so scared to even to walk in their own country. What a shame for Kenny Anthoyn


  3. We need to be sensible in our discourse and be real. A criminal cannot be ashamed of his/herself. It is we, family and society who is made to shame. Simply put, we just live in a society which either accepts illegality and has no respect for the rights of the disadvantaged.

    This type of high-handedness comes across from our political leaders, senior public officials, police, prominent business people etc. This is why the whole of our society accepts the unwritten code that " is either you are a doer or a doee." It seems that we all being victims are subscribing to the notion that you must do because something will be done unto you.

    Take for example the very sensitive and degrading issue of rape. At some point a member of all the elite classes mention above have been accused of rape. What has happen to those accusations or accused? Up to today there has been no movement to either to inquire, discipline or even punish.

    Instead they have all been exalted or promoted to more prominent positions. What are the prominent women saying about such situation? Nothing. It almost seems as though they are acquiescing. So what do we expect from the lower echelons of society?

    Well i expect nothing better knowing that they themselves have been socially deprived. Although there is no excuse for crime i despise the social malaise that we are in that when such crimes are committed we refer to the lower classes as "animals" but are quick to defend the higher classes such as the politicians.

    We as ordinary citizens know for a fact that in crimes such as rape, gun violence etc. 99.9% of the times can only be solved by forensic evidence other than that it would only be one person's word against the other (that if the other is left alive). We depend on eyewitness evidence in 99.9% of case in St. Lucia since we do not have forensic capabilities. Now if we as laymen know this why is it the Minister for Justice, The Prime Minister, The Attorney General, The Minister of Tourism, The Minister for Physical Development, all learned people, some even professor of law do not recognize and act upon this? Instead the Forensic Lab was closed for a flippant reason. What makes it more appalling WE HAVE WOMEN IN CABINET who make no demand that the facility be opened.

    I now fully understand when the PM spoke about the lack of leadership he was in fact speaking about himself. Conversely maybe his leadership is not in steering his followers to anything progressive, because even Satan can can be described as one of the very best leaders.

    If we cannot find it within us to either demand or make a change then we are doomed as a people. A people who love politics and political parties more than ourselves. This must stop TODAY


  4. I think the police need to check the car wash next door and the guys hanging out there. It has to be someone nearby to me. Take the woman in a tinted vehicle for a drive in the areas nearby and i am sure that she may see one of these thugs. It is just a suggession?


  5. So sad...all this craziness makes me want to get closer to my maker... When will these things stop..I mean there are woman gving sex for free...


  6. Okay I see what's happening st Lucia what the heck are you waiting for to ask the prime minister to step down , okay let's try this again . Why are there so many rapes is that what the tourist and citizens signed up for . Let get these rapist now ! Show us that you want to win the next elections or Tawian money will stop coming !


  7. This is sad. I pray for healing and closure for these women and may these rapists be caught and brought to justice.

    Now to those politicizing crime. How foolish and ignorant of you! One woman was raped at work alone and one was raped at a villa. Is the Government supposed to provide every woman with a private police escort?

    How could the government have predicted and prevent this? Maybe the guys are cool everyday guys who no one would suspect of such a crime and still in our midst unsuspected (one theory). This sort of thing happens in every society (UWP or SLP lead), although crime is unacceptable and inexcusable, blaming the Government is ridiculous!

    No matter how much condemnation, education and awareness programs are undertaken by the police and Government and other groups, Some people are by nature or by circumstance or by upbringing prone to criminal behavior!

    When something like IMPACS happens some are quick to cry foul. When a different approach is taken, we still cry foul. Under both situations crime was still in existence. Show me a crime free society so I can move there! Politics makes people so foolish!

    Everything does not have to be so damn political! All stakeholders including Citizens, Government and Opposition etc should collaborate in a joint effort to minimize crime.

    Obviously it will never be fully eradicated. BUT of course that wont happen because everything and so damn political and each party just has to be in power to contribute to any kind of development! choops


  8. Look! As long as the gun laws remain weak, expect the same thing next year. The police record on apprehending criminals is low, so the very obvious thing is to increase deterence. ...looong prison sentences. You eh leaving prison in a hurry. The concept is like an equation. Until someone figures it out, St. Lucians are in for a tough time.

    My heart goes out to the young lady who is going through a traumatic time. At work and violated. Hope she will be alright.


  9. Bring back RESTORE CONFIDENCE. Who feels it knows it!
    What is government doing about increase crime in St Lucia. All they can talk about...I am shocked, appalled, surprised at what the other party says. What is been done?


  10. These rapes seem to be by an affiliated group. To suddenly start taking over the island like that, says that some of this is coordinated. Somewhere someone have the information regarding that sick crime. Its up to the police to find it and for others who know to send in tips. Time to get a tip hotline and start advertising it left right and center so people can call with information. Then the police must go after the network that is currently in operation on the island. Then sentence them without delay. Place those sickos faces on the news, plaster them everywhere like u going after them like an amber alert .


  11. The authorities and by that I mean the SLP administration have always kept numb and mute on RAPE, that social malady that plagues St.Lucia and I have always asked myself the question " WHY" ?
    The justice system has always considered rape an accusation, until an investigation is carried out and credible evidence are secured before arrest and charges can be made. The two members of the SLP sitting in Parliament today were both charged with rape and the learned professor was fully aware of that. Is that the reason for the SLP ADMINISTRATION's muteness when it comes to the issue of rape?
    The fact of the victims non-appearances in court does not exonerate you from the crime committed.


  12. Sooner or later we will take the law into our own hands. Vigilante justice may not be the solution, but anything is better than letting criminals do as they please.


  13. what really are our priorities in this country ???and what direction are we taking in society to be living worst than animals??

    IT is high time governments put their priorities to the people of this country , and i am not talking about the rich or the selective few but for every st.lucian. Why focus and spend money on roads and office when your major ministries are broken .

    the health sector is in a mess , you have a minister of security more concern about opposition causing violence for elections, rather than seeing to it that women and children are't being taken advantage of in our small island .

    we have a court system that fails to deliver justice or brings justice at a slow pace . The word social services is only a name for that ministry because they are failing the unfortunate children of st.lucia.

    Very very sad that this country has become a society where our leaders and our system continue to fail us, whiles society breeds savages and the hard working and innocent ones become the casualty of this war .


  14. An innocent working woman being raped at her workplace in broad daylight on Tuesday does not surprise me anymore, because the people in authority have a long time accepted this behavior as a st.Lucian way of life, that is why they have accepted two men charged with rape in their mist in the house of parliament.
    The question I am asking now is, " how many women got raped on Tuesday?


  15. The hungry dogs hungry.. that's one time u were wishing u had aids, syphilis, jon, just to infect them.. YOU HUNGRY DOGS!!!


  16. Rape has become a despicable and cowardly signature for the criminally minded. It is their way of saying, ‘SALOPS have been here’. This is a taunt to the Law and the Government –“What the hell are they going to do about it”!

    Please have the forensic lab functional to catch these rapist SALOPS!


  17. The police are always investigating..... Its pointless because they never catch the criminals... Its a shame what St. Lucia has become...


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