Second round of auditions announced for National Carnival Queen Pageant

Second round of auditions announced for National Carnival Queen Pageant

untitled-5787PRESS RELEASE – The Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) and the National Carnival Queen Pageant Committee on Wednesday March 16th announced the new date for the second round of auditions for the National Carnival Queen Pageant. Having received several requests and inquiries, the aforementioned authorities have decided on the final audition for Monday March 28th at the National Cultural Centre from 12:00 pm.

Sunday’s audition which was hosted by the reigning National Carnival Queen Miss Yvana David saw young ladies from a wide cross section of the country boldly and fiercely represent their communities and themselves. The community of Choiseul was represented by three stunning beauties while Micoud boasted two representatives. Other communities represented included Dennery, Laborie, Anse La Raye, Babonneau, Marchand, Castries, Gros Islet and environs. Fifteen contestants appeared on Sunday before the judges in the categories of swimwear, talent, evening wear and interview, all very dynamic and powerful in various performances.

Public Relations Officer of the Committee Miss Louise Victor who commented on the audition said “As a committee we are excited to have kicked off this process much earlier than usual considering the many plans we have for this year’s journey to the crown. Sunday’s audition was undoubtedly a reaffirmation of the dynamism and reservoir of talent that our country possesses.

The young ladies were bold, beautiful and courageous. We have however continued to receive some requests as to the hosting of a second audition, hence, to ensure that there is equal opportunity for inclusion and participation, we have decided to host the second and final audition on Easter Monday March 28th 2016. The format will remain the same and we therefore encourage all who were not able to make Sunday’s audition to come out and be part of this life changing journey. ”

Finalists for the 2016 National Carnival Queen Pageant will be unveiled during the first week in April.


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  1. CPMA and NCQC has adopted this trend for a few years now and it is not the best especially if you want to reference "equal opportunity for inclusion and participation". That in my opinion is BS. There were enough girls there with enough talent, charisma and beauty to make the finals.

    I believe if you missed the opportunity within the year wait until the next year or stay out altogether. It is not fair to the hard working, committed girls who put their all in and rush preparations to meet the first deadline.

    Need I mention that the auditions had been advertised for more than a month prior; that in itself was sufficient time for a girl to make up her mind as to where her interest truly lies. Then again when you have a very calculative committee working in the name of "youth development" what must one expect?

    I will end by using a phrase from the PRO's vocabulary but in a different context; let's not leave Sunday's "reservoir of talent" untouched.
    Stop killing young women's dreams!!!


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